Let’s Sing Presents ABBA

A title for fans above all!

31 titles that sweep the repertoire of these hitmakers. This Let’s sing includes the main hits of the band as well as the most recent “I Still Have Faith In You”, the first single from their latest album “Voyage”. It’s good, but slowly because you shouldn’t expect to unlock any bonus titles.

If the choruses are well known, several passages are much more delicate. Relatively short, each title is quite rhythmic and sometimes it is necessary to work on its phrasing and its tone. Therefore, the fans have a great advantage. However, every song built into the game can be freely listened to again through the Jukebox mode, as long as it is unlocked.

The texts are understandable even for a low level of English. But it’s still only in sung English, potentially excluding young audiences while the very cartoony Viking design of the avatars befits them. The privileged target of this work by ABBA continues to be, therefore, essentially adults, lulled to sleep by these hits from the 70s.

However, we regret the lack of risk taking by the development studio. It offers us a copy/paste of the Queen edition or of the annual variety editions with only a calibration of the new songs. If the main attraction for us was to be able to sing ABBA’s hits, evolutions are still really very rare. It’s clean, tidy, effective in general, but it’s still the same, our feeling after taking the reins of this new title.

The Let’s Sing follow one another and they all look alike

The general public mechanics of Let’s Sing are well oiled: you choose a mode among 6 (jukebox being a listening mode, you classify it separately), you select your song classified according to a difficulty level that goes from one to five stars. You sing and whoever scores the most points wins. These points fill a gauge that will allow you to level up, up to level 25 max. As you level up, you’ll be required to unlock four playlists for a dedicated mode or various customization items for your avatars, often inspired by the outfits worn by the band on stage. The potential of the game is quickly exhausted, only your love for the group will push you to bring it up more or less regularly.

Like any karaoke software, the lyrics are displayed at the bottom of the screen. A bar scrolls to show you when to sing and allows you to see your progress. The letter is also indicated in the bar that represents the tone of voice to reach and the syllables. Depending on the modalities, it is necessary to take into account, in addition to the color code, specify who should sing in turn or simultaneously. It is a relatively permissive game mode because even in case of disorder or lack of respect for the lyrics, if the pitch of the notes is correct, you win points.

Who says Switch, says portable mode. He suspects that he has a limited interest. It is played with headphones. you can play a solo game with AI or participate in online games. This modality, called here World Contest, is now essential since we live in confinement. But the concept of karaoke is first to sing in front of an audience or several in front of your television. In addition to Legend mode, which is only played solo, it is better to play in docked mode.

It also means that Lite is not the best option. It only has a USB-C port that does not correspond to microphones. The application is then essential. It is not possible to connect more than two microphones at the same time. The parade is therefore to use the Let’s Sing Mic app, transforming your smartphone into a compatible microphone to play more than two. Unfortunately, we haven’t noticed any noticeable progress in compatibility since the last episode of Queen. The smartphone is more sensitive than the microphone, so plan on a little more space than a phone operator to avoid accidental interference from voices.

Regardless of the device used, voice detection is at a good level. However, the game seems a bit more forgiving of low voices than high voices when taking into account the pitch of the notes.

Some technical drawbacks

Let’s talk about disappointments, which are mainly technical. First of all, we will complain about the level of the AI, which never really gives the impression of having a real opponent to stimulate us. Then there are the display glitches. Some text, especially in Feat mode, becomes so imposing that we no longer see the tone of voice lines, unnecessarily complicating the game.

To this is added the lack of visual indications that alert us that a very fast passage is coming, it is a gameplay that clearly pushes us to learn by heart.

The real disappointment remains visual. Is it by choice to stay on a limited data volume to fit on a small cartridge or not take too long to download? We can only lament still images and 45 rpm-type covers that are too pixelated for our taste. A very Wii visual effect that stands out with the 1080p resolution. Background clips are based on old recordings and do not appear to have been remastered. But it is less annoying because you are focused on the game interface and the texts are clearly visible.

We continue with two recurring reservations about Let’s Sing, not corrected in this ABBA work. The first is the much less obvious game of four to find your way between the text and the pitch of the note. The bigger the screen, the more comfortable you will be in this mode, so there is an economic parameter that you should not underestimate. The second is the lack of adjustments, in particular to allow a better retouching of the sound volume of the original voices, too low in some pieces, to fit correctly into the melody. Fans of the late Singstar will bemoan the lack of certain settings, but that’s how Let’s Sing remains the only major contender on the market today.

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