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To the delight of Internet users, Lidl has decided to launch a portable dental irrigator at a mini price!

Want a bright smile like a movie star ? Good news, Lidl has the new accessory you need!

The smile of a Hollywood star

For several years, Lidl has been distinguishing itself more and more from other stores. With their essential accessories sold at low pricesthe German brand is a real success.

To the delight of its customers, Lidl updates its catalog very often and has always something new to present. Children’s toys, food processors, clothing, beauty items, etc. the brand knows how to please the little ones, but also the older ones.

Today is no exception to the rule. The brand has just introduced a new perfect object to have beautiful teeth.

His proposal to have healthy teeth? Use an oral irrigator.

In fact, this accessory used after classic brushing. It thus allows to clean the teeth more intensely to obtain a much more complete rubbing.

Also called dental water jet or oral water flosser, it will actually clean your dental plaque and you get rid of all the leftover food there may be between the teeth.

The perfect solution for good oral health, this Nevadent Water Flosser has it all. He is ” done for provide complete oral hygiene closer and nicer. »

Its price, for its part, is also very attractive. In fact, the brand has decided to display it at a price of 21.99 euros. Guaranteed for three years, it will not fail find its place in your bathroom.

Lidl is unanimous with its new oral irrigator

On sale for just a few weeks, this Nevadent Water Flosser is already making some noise. And for good reason, you have plenty of options for Make your teeth cleaner.

Lidl describes it like this: “The award-winning oral irrigator uses a innovative technology to convert your bathroom in a professional place. Once activated, water with a jet flows through the floss and between the teeth to remove any food residue. »

But that is not all! The German firm also specifies that “No more floss, no more trips to constantly buy floss, just a complete oral hygiene experience extraordinary, fast, all-natural stream of water that’s great for you and our environment. »

For its design, Lidl insisted on quality. For this reason, the successful brand has opted for materials of high quality and long life

Very easy and very simple to use, the brand also explains that ” Oral Water Flosser works just as well for cleaning dental equipment as it does for sensitive teeth, usable inIt’s anywhere, even while traveling. It works 100% with batteries and water. »

In fact, your water tank fills up in a few seconds. Very ergonomic, it is easy to use and fill. The same if you have wet hands.

If you have never used an oral irrigator before, don’t hesitate! the Internet users are all unanimousIt is an ideal accessory to clean the most inaccessible areas of your mouth!

Available in all Lidl stores in France, the Nevadent Hydropulseur Dental model is sold with its charging station. So, are you ready to have a smile worthy of a movie star?

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