Ligue 1 – After Lille-Lens (1-0) / A founding derby for LOSC? “We put heart”

Lille fans are obviously delighted, Lens fans necessarily frustrated. “Neutral” observers have reason to be a little disappointed. Since the start of the season, LOSC games have produced the most goals in Ligue 1 (3.9 on average per game before matchday 10). And as Racing is not one to put the bus in front of its target, we could legitimately expect a breathless derby, rich in opportunities and twists. Twists and turns, there were. Goals, far from it, since the locals won by the minimum (1-0).

Jonathan David found the foul from the penalty spot before the break, while Florian Sotoca had been stopped earlier by a boss-sized Lucas Chevalier. For the rest, commitment, many cards (eight warnings in total), chopped game and many occasions to light up after returning from the locker room. It is a fact, this derby in the north of France will not go down in history. However, it could be a key moment in Lille’s season.

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Lille plays a trick on Lens


“Real derby” and great premiere

Because after losing their three matches against their neighbors from Pas-de-Calais 2021-22 (the two League games and the French Cup), the Mastiffs have wanted to redeem themselves before their public. Mission accomplished, then. “It was important to win for the fans. I had a lot of pressure, it was difficult to manage from start to finish”The young Knight has also admitted on the microphone of Prime Video.

“They put on a real derby. Before a team that puts this energy and this mischief in front of its public, you have to be even better “, greeted Franck Haise, aware that he was missing his Blood and Gold a bit to hope for a better result at Pierre-Mauroy. Overmotivated and irreproachable in their state of mind, Benjamin André’s teammates also achieved an unprecedented performance for them since the beginning of the exercise: they did not concede a goal.

Adam Ounas tries to get rid of Deiver Machado’s marking during the derby between Lille and Lens

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A first clean sheet in 2022-23, this is therefore the other great satisfaction of the evening in the northern ranks. “We put heart”Knight said. “Given the game we produce, we have to win more games. However, to win more, we had to defend better.” Paulo Fonseca insisted with the announcer of the meeting. We had to change certain defensive attitudes, be more united. In the future we will have to do what we did on Sunday, very aggressively.”

The end of one series, the beginning of another?

The previous weekend, Lille had experienced a serious setback in Lorient, losing in the final moments despite a situation of numerical superiority (2-1). “We talk a lot with the players after this defeat”, revealed the Portuguese coach, who hopes that this victory will serve as a trigger. Until now, his team has always returned to normal after a promising result, which has prevented them from really settling on the heights. After stopping Lensoise’s impressive run (17 games in a row without losing), it’s time for LOSC to finally launch theirs.

Jonathan David (Lille) scorer against Lens

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League 1

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