Ligue 1 – Le Fée, Le Bris, return to the game Lorient style, training: Lorient, what’s the secret?

But where will the orange tide end? In difficulties for two seasons and its reunion with Ligue 1, FC Lorient has been alive again for several weeks. Pragmatism, seductive play, rediscovered individuality, mood, conquered audience: the planets are all aligned in Morbihan. A rebirth that obviously bears the stamp of one man, Régis Le Bris, but not only. Zoom on the ingredients of the secret recipe for hake.

Le Bris, superhero in spite of himself

League 1

Lorient is huge!

02/10/2022 at 12:52

If the recovery and maintenance contract has been fulfilled by Christophe Pélissier for the last three seasons, the need for a new chapter seemed more than vital in Morbihan. And who better than “the architect of the training center” to take the reins of a ship, still nostalgic for the departure of Christian Gourcuff more than eight years ago?

Ambitious, in love with the game, the discreet coach has above all managed to get a whole group to adhere to his speech. “The ideas are discussed with the players. I have an obligation to convince that what we offer is good for the team and for them. Once that is done, it usually sticks,” he explained to West-France last September.

He is someone curious, intellectually brilliant, capable of perfectly formalizing his thoughts. He is so structured that the interlocutor is obliged to be convinced. has clear ideas, confides in us Thierry Guillou, former educator at the Hake training center between 2013 and 2018 and who knows the captain of the ship very well. “In the technical-tactical aspect, he is one, if not the best. Just look at his post-match press conferences…

This delicious flashback of the game “à la Lorientaise”

The return of ideas and pleasure is obviously what delights the fans of the Lorient club at the start of the season. “Le FCL a une histoire autour du jeu collectif, du partage, l’idee de constructe à la fois les defenses et les attacks ensemble. As an entraîneur, je veux pouvoir défendre ces idées-là”, explained Le Bris il ya little bit.

I think he has traits in common with Christian Gourcuff, like a full-zone defense with a short, compact block. He insists a lot on the relationship with the collective“, analyzes the current sports director of the KPC academy of Hafia FC in Guinea”.As for the attack animation, it is much closer to Guardiola’s positional game.”

But Régis Le Bris does not fall into the absolute dogmatism of his predecessor. “I don’t want to seek possession at all costs, it’s not a problem for us today. Possessions must be hyper-incisive, hurt the opponent.Chameleon, the team from Lorient is distinguished by its ability to adapt, even if that means struggling to draw better, as was the case against Rennes (0-1) and Lille (2-1).

Enzo Le Fee during Lorient – Nantes in Ligue 1 on September 11, 2022

Credit: Getty Images

The “magic wand Le Fée”, youth at the heart of the project

If there is anyone who benefits from this new breath, it is Enzo Le Fée. Pure product of the academy where Mattéo Guendouzi, Seko Fofana or even André-Pierre Gignac have also passed, the “little prince of Keryado” confirms (finally) all hopes. As expected for his former coach Thierry Guillou. “I’m telling you, I’ve never seen a player of this talent in youngsters before. He was already an outsider in information taking, counterpoint, his ability to find the right pass. He listens, his progress is affected..”

More regular, more responsible, more decisive, the international hopeful is the driver of this playful and unpredictable team.It stinks of football, it smells of everythingcomplete his former coach. Nothing excludes that it still rises very high…“But young Merlu is not the only ‘young man’ to have carved out a niche for himself under the sun. The striker against Lille, Théo Le Bris, is also taking the lead, as is Julien Ponceau and especially Dango Ouattara. Not to mention that a new wave just as promising is likely to break, carried by 16-year-old nugget Eli Junior Kroupi, already coveted by many big names.

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Return of smart recruiting, needs finally met

Always fond of good moves in the transfer market, the recruitment unit has also taken over in recent months. This summer is the symbol of it with some fine firms, especially from behind in a sector that urgently needs it.

In search of a confirmed goalkeeper after a season without a true number one in the position and the real-false alternation between Paul Nardi and Matthieu Dreyer, the Hakes managed to attract Yvon Mvogo, who went through PSV and RB Leipzig. The arrival of the Swiss international, already decisive on many occasions, very quickly made it possible to reassure a rearguard that had stagnated for the last two seasons (18th, then 16th elite defender).

Add to that two other welcome reinforcements, Gédéon Kalulu, who landed free from Ajaccio, as well as the Tunisian international Montassar Talbi (ex-Rubin Kazan) and the whole rearguard breathes. A turnaround that was good for the “old” Julien Laporte and Vincent Le Goff, transformed by this new stability.

Yvon Mvogo during Lorient-Lille in October 2022

Credit: eurosport

Moffi, the trigger released

Better organized, able to find solutions to problems put to them by their opponents, Hakes seem uninhibited. And who better than Terem Moffi to symbolize this panache and this rediscovered pleasure.

Author of a very good first season in the orange jersey in 2020-2021, Terem Moffi had some “marked time” during the last exercise. Already a six-time goalscorer in nine outings, the Nigerian international is vital in the Régis Le Bris system thanks to his activity, his ability to move the block and above all to get a shovel of opportunities.

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More united than ever

This is probably the strength of this group. You should have seen them a week ago when Théo Le Bris scored the winning goal against Lille, despite a game that ended in 10. Mind you, captain Laurent Abergel’s squad has an extra soul that gives the impression that they don’t nothing can happen to him, not even in the most tangent moments.

It’s about chemistry, connection.“, explained Yvon Mvogo, passing through the show Greg’s team At the beginning of the week. “Since my arrival I feel at home and it is much easier to feel integrated.” “everyone has fun“, whispers Terem Moffi to Ouest-France this week.

Yes, Lorient has enough to keep believing in its dream, even if keeping it remains the absolute goal. After years of ups and downs, football has (finally) returned to the city of the five ports. We only ask that you continue.

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