LIVE – F1, Japanese Grand Prix: Pole position for Verstappen, Ocon 5th and Gasly eliminated in Q1

Verstappen retains pole position

So far, Verstappen’s pole position has been tentative due to the stewards’ investigation into a crash with Lando Norris during Q3. Finally, the Red Bull driver retains the first position from him.

Ocon pleased with Gasly’s qualification and future arrival at Alpine

“It’s great, the car was doing really well. If it rains tomorrow we should still be in the game. It could have gotten under 1:30 so it’s good to have a good position.”

“It will surely rain tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes. Gasly’s arrival is a great story. We are two Normans who had two dreams, now I can’t wait to ride with him.”

Q3 – The rest of the grid

11. Daniel Ricciardo
12. Valterri Bottas
13.Yuki Tsunoda
14. Guanyu Zhou
15. Mick Schumacher
16. Alex Albon
17. Pierre Gasly
18. Kevin Magnussen
19. Spear Walk
20. Nicholas Latifi

Q3: Pole position (provisional) for Verstappen

With a time of 1:29.304, Max Verstappen took pole position. Leclerc and Sainz follow. Highlight the good performance of Ocon who will start from 5th position, just ahead of Hamilton (6th).

Risking a sanction, the Dutchman’s place remains provisional pending the investigation of the commissioners.

Q3 – 3:30 – Penalty coming for Norris and Verstappen?

Possible upcoming sanction for Norris and Verstappen after qualifying. At the moment, the latter is still in first place with his time of 1:29.304.

Q3 – 6:20 – Benchmark time for Verstappen

Verstappen again set the fastest time with 1:29.304. Ferrari Leclerc (0.253) and Sainz (0.398) are not far behind.

Q3 – 8:28 – Battle between Red Bull and Alpine

Apart from Vettel, all the qualified drivers are on the circuit. The Red Bull Pérez and Verstappen are currently in the lead, but the Alpines are close behind.

Let’s go for Q3!

Last part of the qualifications. In 10 minutes the identity of the one who will occupy the pole position in Sunday’s GP will be known.

Q2: Perez leading, Alpine fit

Ocon improves his time even more by being 0.432 behind the leader Pérez. Alonso’s other Alpine did even better, finishing in 2nd place.

Those eliminated are: Ricciardo (11th), Bottas (12th), Tsunoda (13th), Zhou (14th) and Schumacher (15th).

Q2 – 6:29 – Good timing for Ocon

Good time for Alpine d’Ocon who is not far from Verstappen with a time of 1:30.533. He is 4th and currently ahead of Hamilton (6th-1:30.678)

Q2 – 8:58 – Verstappen takes the lead again

As in Q1, Verstappen set the fastest time so far and beat Sainz with his 1m30.346s. His teammate Pérez is eighth and is 0.358 behind him.

Q2 – 11:21 – Benchmark time for Sainz

First reference time in this Q2 for Sainz with 1:30.444. Leclerc follows closely behind with 0.042. Pérez takes his turn.

Let’s go for Q2!

Sainz and Leclerc started first at the start of Q2. In Q1, Verstappen set the fastest time with 1m30.224s.

A complicated Q1 for Gasly

Eliminated in Q1, Gasly complains about his team’s strategy. Note that even if he passed the first phase of qualifying, Tsunoda had some problems with his car, as did the future Alpine driver.

Q1 – Best time for Verstappen, Gasly eliminated

In this Q1, it was Max Verstappen who set the fastest time with 1:30.224. Closely followed by Ferrari Sainz and Leclerc.

Hard blow for Frenchman Gasly who is already eliminated (17th). Like the two Williams Albon (16th) and Latifi (20th). Magnussen (18) and Stroll (19) also join the list of eliminated.

Q1 – 2:06 – Hamilton catches up

Hamilton finally manages to improve his time to reach 8th place. He is 0.682 behind the leader Verstappen. His teammate at Mercedes, Russell, is sixth.

Q1 – 3:12 – the pressure on Hamilton

Watch out for Hamilton who is currently in the red zone, but the Briton is trying to improve his time in the last three minutes of Q1.

Q1 – 6:12 – problem with Gasly’s car

Brake problem for Gasly, who reports the problem to his team while still driving in this Q1.

Q1 – 7:54 – Third period for Leclerc

Third time for Leclerc who is positioned behind his Ferrari teammate Sainz

Q1 – 10:00 – Verstappen takes the lead

The Red Bulls are the fastest in these last 10 minutes of Q1. Verstappen leads the standings with a time of 1:30.224.

Q1 – 11:00 – Current time in Tsunoda

For the start of this Q1, Tsunoda’s first time is 1:31.631. Norris, Hamilton and Russekk are gone. Like Sergio Perez.

It’s time for the playoffs!

Come on, first 18-minute session of these Japanese GP qualifiers.

Verstappen is crowned world champion in Japan if…

Formula 1 therefore has an appointment this weekend in Suzuka for the Japanese Grand Prix, the 18th appointment of the 22-year season. Max Verstappen could already be crowned world champion depending on his result and that of his rival Charles Leclerc .

We will explain everything here.

Gasly formalizes his transfer to Alpine

As anticipated for several weeks, Pierre Gasly will leave AlphaTauri to join Alpine next season. The French pilot confirmed it on Friday night. He will form a 100% tricolor duo with Esteban Ocon.

Verstappen best time in the last free practice

In good form, the Dutchman Max Verstappen (Red Bull) set the fastest time in the third and final free practice session of the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix, this Saturday at Suzuka. Whoever can be crowned world champion once again dominated the Ferraris of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

Good morning to all !

Far ahead in the Formula 1 world championship standings, Max Verstappen has a chance to claim a second consecutive title at the Japanese Grand Prix, round 18 of 22. Follow qualifying live this Saturday morning from 8am

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