LIVE – OL: “Some experienced players don’t give enough,” says Laurent Blanc

Aulas “dreams of closing the circle” with Blanc

Aulas: “OL’s successor after their seven consecutive titles was Bordeaux. So I dream of coming full circle (smile).”

White on Aouar

Blanc: “I always accept good players in my squad, and I think he is a very good player.”

Lectures on Benzema’s possible Ballon d’Or

Aulas: “I would love for Karim to join a student from the Academy. He deserves it. We are very proud of him. I am also happy for the president of Madrid, who came to look for Karim, he is a great gentleman whom I salute” .

Blanco: ‘The players are going to be surprised’ by the workload

Blanc: “I’ll be on the pitch every day. I have work areas, the squad has understood things well. It’s a lot of work, the players are going to be surprised because there will be a lot of work. There will be a double ration because we have a lighter calendar in comparison with the teams that play in Europe”.

Did Textor’s presence play a role?

Blanc: “I discussed with the president, Bruno and Vincent. The president told me that the future shareholder had accepted.”

What place for young people?

Blanc: “I’ve always liked playing with young people, especially in Paris. The context is complicated. The experienced players will be the ones who will be decisive for the rest of the season. The youngsters will have the floor, I’m sure, but it depends on the elders take out certain things”.

Did Blanc have guarantees in the transfer window?

Blanc: “None. I was not in a position to ask or demand. What would that mean? We are in a great club, with great leaders.”

Textor Paper Classroom

Aulas: “The sale is complete. There are terms of completion that are underway. I will be staying at least three years to make those decisions. We called John Textor to let him know of our choice and he followed suit.”

Aulas admits ‘a mistake’ when he let Juninho carry Garcia

Aulas: “I had committed myself to the one I had recruited to give him the chance to choose. That’s where I was wrong, I admit it. I had the opportunity to win more than 50 titles in the men’s category.” and women’s teams. With Laurent, I am convinced that we will get there. I’m so looking forward to getting there… I don’t have decades left to be responsible for OL.”

Aulas has “total confidence” in Blanc

Aulas: “I had contact with supporters clubs. It was not possible for different reasons. Today it is possible, so I pressed. The contact did not go back to the start of the championship. It deteriorated very quickly. From then on, Bruno and Vincent got in touch “.

Any questions before taking it? “I’ve been making decisions for 35 years. Obviously we’ve had discussions in the past with Laurent, I know his passion for football and his professionalism. You know, reputations… I have complete confidence.”

What goals have been set for it?

Blanc: “It is above all to improve the results, at the beginning. Then there will be a truce and we will have time. The objective is to add points to the teams in front of us.”

What does he think of the excitement surrounding his return?

Blanc: “Honestly, I’m not attached to that. I’m happy to be here and take on this challenge. I know we can succeed. After that, the rest…”

What system will you play on?

Blanc: “I have some, but we have to judge and measure our workforce. It will be up to me and my staff to adjust.”

White, a firefighter on duty?

Blanco: “I don’t know if I’m a firefighter on duty (smiles). For a coach it makes more sense to arrive at the beginning of the season to put together a squad. But I don’t have to ask myself this question, I know in what circumstances I arrive.”

White: “It’s going to be complicated”

“We have time but time is running out. We have games to come. It is up to us to work well. I think it’s going to be complicated, I’m not a sweet dreamer who thinks things get better for a second. of the magic wand. The players are hurt. It’s up to us to alleviate all of that.”

Blanc on the reasons for his arrival at Lyon

Blanc: “We have a special relationship with the president. Lyon is one of the best French clubs. I am pleasantly surprised by the tool that this stadium is. It is a great investment for a good result. For the team to be up to the task” . what is asked of you. With a lot of exchange, work, I think we can get there.”

Blank on offers received after Paris

Blanc: “Dans les deux ans qui ont suivi Paris j’ai eu des propositions. Je n’étais pas prêt pour repartir. Je ne veux pas parler du passé. Je suis dans un grand club français et je veux faire le métier que jaime above all.”

A vengeful Laurent Blanc?

White: “No… I wouldn’t use that term. I’m happy to be back. But vindictive of what? There’s nothing vindictive in my reasoning and demeanor. Just happiness.”

Will you have individual interviews with the players?

Blanc: “Even when things are going well you have individual interviews. You have to maintain links with the players. I need to have a relationship with the group, it’s my way of managing. I need to discuss with them, get their feelings.” I need to appreciate them. There will be choices to be made, these choices, I will make. With our workforce, there will be choices to be made, always for the good of the team and taking on this responsibility to get the points. The situation is urgent, let’s not be afraid of words.”

Do you want to revive Boateng?

Blanc: “It’s a specific question. My answer is going to be less specific. Let me form my own opinion. This morning I have seen worried players. The most complicated thing is mentally, in confidence. The mixed start to the season means that the heads don’t come loose.

White on Lyon infrastructure

Blanc: “It’s been a while since I came back, time flies for everyone, but OL is doing well. The last time I came here with Paris they had lost. Since yesterday, I pay a lot of attention to the stadium. You don’t You realize how lucky you are to work on a tool like that, it’s the best in France and in Europe”.

Blanc on these six years without a coach in Europe

Blanc: “I didn’t stay too far from football. I watched a lot of matches. Football is evolving, there is an evolution in the systems, like Lens, with a lot of physical intensity. We have seen that the ‘OL found “It is difficult to respond to this intensity . The vision of football that I have has not changed. I hope it will not be difficult to get players to adhere to this vision. At the moment, I am not going to be the guy who wants to play a good game above all, if there are only points, I would be very happy at the beginning.”

“The first few years I needed to breathe, that’s when I had the most opportunities to come back, I didn’t take advantage of them. Time passes, we forget you, but I think OL has not forgotten me.

Blanc wants to trust experienced players

Blanc: “The ones who will get us out of this pass are the confirmed players. I will lean on them.”

Blanc: “The group must recover its self-confidence”

Blanc: “It doesn’t make sense to think about the transfer window now. The most important thing today is to work with the players who are there. It’s up to me to make sure they work well.” The current urgency is to score points. be up everywhere and I think right now it’s not like that. The group must regain self-confidence.”

Blanc gives his first speech to his players

Blanc: “We are going to do it calmly but firmly. The players are aware that the situation does not reflect the objectives set, they are old enough to know that we have to do better. I gave them a brief but decisive speech telling them that the objective was to add as many points as possible in the next five games until the break. The urgency is to be more efficient in terms of the game but above all to score points. The players are aware that more needs to be done. It’s up to us to do our job to the best of our ability possible to achieve this goal before November 13, then we will have more time to put a lot of things in place.

The first words of Laurent Blanc

Blanc: “The situation is not easy but I am very happy to come to OL. It almost happened before, but it didn’t happen for various reasons. But let’s forget all that and look forward to the future.”

Aulas: “I always dreamed of having Laurent Blanc as OL coach”

Aulas: “I always dreamed of having Laurent Blanc as OL coach. It couldn’t have been like that. When we had the chance, we did it. I’m very happy to receive Laurent. The first contacts were made recently, there were no certainties until Yesterday”.

Aulas pays tribute to Bosz

Classrooms: “Yesterday, when we shook hands with Peter, I shook hands with an intelligent and loyal man, who probably lost the objectives defined together but who remained a good man. Today, we are in the future, we have assumed our responsibilities It’s hard to make decisions too soon without knowing if these decisions are the best.”

Let’s go to the press conference

Blanc, Aulas, Ponsot and Cheyrou arrive.

The entire Lyon squad present before the press

In addition to Laurent Blanc, Jean-Michel Aulas, Vincent Ponsot and Bruno Cheyrou will also be present to the media in a few minutes.

What has Laurent Blanc done since leaving PSG?

Back on the bench at an ambitious club for the first time since leaving PSG in 2016, Laurent Blanc has experienced a long journey through the wilderness.

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White met the players

A few hours after his arrival at OL was formalized, Laurent Blanc held his first training session this Monday. With the trip to Rennes in sight on Sunday (3:00 p.m.).

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Good morning to all

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow live, from 2:30 p.m., the presentation of Laurent Blanc, appointed coach of Olympique Lyonnais on Sunday, replacing Peter Bosz. The former PSG coach will give his first impressions of his new challenge and discuss all the hot topics of OL. A long-awaited press conference to follow live on RMC Sport.

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