LIVE – OM: Tudor gives reassuring news for Clauss and Guendouzi

End of the OM press conference before receiving Ajaccio

The press conference between Leonado Balerdi and Igor Tudor prior to the duel between OM and Ajaccio at the Stade Vélodrome is over.

Igor Tudor on OM’s confidence the risk of overconfidence against Ajaccio

“It’s nice to have a full stadium, it’s stimulating because there is a symbiosis between us and the public. Against Ajaccio or Paris it’s the same three points. We have to be at 100%, we always have to give our best there”. and not 90% or 95%. You have to maintain humility and respect for each opponent. That’s what’s important.”

Igor Tudor on Dieng

“I have always believed in the quality of Bamba Dieng. He is part of the team. He is one of our three strikers along with Sánchez and Luis Suárez. They will all have playing time.”

Igor Tudor on Balerdi

“He is one or two games below his chances. He had a problem with his shoulder and then he played good games. We had offers and I wanted him to stay.”

Igor Tudor on Franck Ribéry

“He has always been one of my favorite players. He has a beauty in the execution of his gestures. I wish him the best in his path that he will be as beautiful as the one already known”.

Igor Tudor on Nuno Tavares

“He’s a good guy, a professional player. A bit shy still off the court but not on the court. He’s a great player and I think he can still grow in some details like when and where to play. And if he improves more, it will be one of the best in the world.”

Igor Tudor on his relationship with fans

“I always try to be myself and do my job for the good of the team. It’s always better to be appreciated. The season is long, you have to be consistent and keep up a good job throughout the season.”

Igor Tudor on his celebration with Payet after Harit’s goal

“No, it was just the emotion, a moment of sharing. I saw him very happy when I converted and I was happy too. It was a beautiful moment of sharing.”

Igor Tudor on his training style during talks

“This question is quite a long topic, there would be a lot to say during a chat. I try to prepare something to say to the x players. There are many moments when we can talk before the match.”

Igor Tudor gives reassuring news from Clauss and Guendouzi

Do you plan to get them back on Wednesday against Sporting? “Yes !”

Igor Tudor on Ajaccio’s injuries and form

“Mattéo Guendouzi took a hit, but it’s not as serious as Jonathan Clauss, we have to get them back against Sporting. Against Ajaccio it’s an important game. There are three points to take, even if it’s a cheat game going into the last one.

Finished for Balerdi, Tudor arrives

It’s over for Leonardo Balerdi. To Igor Tudor in a few moments.

Balerdi on the Champions League and qualification options

“The last time I played in the Champions League we made a lot of mistakes. In the Champions League it’s more difficult if you give your rival a gift. Sporting gave us an opportunity. Victory is the most important thing even if we had played in the final”. other two games fine. We have three points and we can think about qualifying for the round of 16.”

Balerdi on his status in the OM

“I don’t feel like a starter because there are good defenders. I have to work hard to earn a place in the eleven”.

Balerdi on winning at OM

“I spoke with Bologna, I spoke with my family but I said that I want to stay here in Marseille. People who speak it hurt me but I want to play in Marseille, I want to play there. Champions League”.

Balerdi on the title fight against PSG

“Oui je thought qu’il ya la possibilité. On est proche. On doit continuer de faire toutes les choses bien. Ils sont très forts et on ne peut pas se perdre de perdre points. On doit gagner tous les possible points et après we will see .”

Balerdi on the World Cup and the representation of the national team and Messi in Argentina

“I think that for the Argentines, the last decade we all dreamed of seeing Messi lift the World Cup. It is the hope of all Argentines to win the World Cup and to see Messi do it. I always hope to be there, it will be difficult but good. I hope that Argentina will be rewarded”.

Balerdi on Mbemba and Bailly

“I listen to them because they are great defenders. Samuel Gigot too. I listen to everything they say to me.”

Balerdi on Tudor’s contribution to defense

“He helps us and that’s good. I already knew that when I was little. Igor Tudor does the same because of his experience. Tudor gives us a lot of advice as defenders.”

Balerdi on OM’s Fabulous Start to the Season

“There is no fear of losing. We have to think game after game. We have to think about the Ajaccio game. We had a very good start to the season but other teams had extraordinary starts to the season.”

Balerdi on his role with the others

“When you have confidence it is easier to help others. First I have to have confidence and then help my teammates.

Balerdi on Tudor

“I feel better in training. The coach’s confidence is very important. He has helped me a lot right now. I know that in Verona I had already released players who had gotten a yellow card and were sore in the first half. He understood the substitution he had made against Lille, he didn’t realize they could have called me, he had instinctively replaced me before the break.

Balerdi on Haaland’s congratulations and the call to come to the OM

“He’s a friend of mine from Dortmund. He’s professional, I like the way he works. I watched how he did it and tried to do the same. It would be nice if he came here, it wouldn’t be bad.”

Balerdi on his positioning in defense at 3

“I feel better in the center but when the coach tells me to play on the left or on the right, I have to do it for the team. I have to improve on the left and on the right. In the center I feel very good because I have more time to see things and better help the team in my positioning. I have more control.”

Balerdi on his difficult moments

“I feel good now. It’s been difficult because I play for my family and the fans. But that’s football. I listen to my family, my friends, my teammates. I feel very, very good.”

Balerdi on the followers of OM

“We are second behind Paris and we have to think about the victory against Ajaccio. It is important to win to fight for the title. The fans are important to us. When the stadium is empty it is more difficult when the rival scores. they. Behind closed doors it was not good. We need the fans.”

Balerdi in its current form

“I feel very good. The last game was important for me and for the team. We needed it. My goal was very important to me.”

The meeting of Tudor and Balerdi will begin soon

A few more minutes of patience before seeing Igor Tudor and Leonardo Balerdi appear before the press. The Croatian coach and the Argentine defender will speak before Ajaccio’s reception at the Vélodrome.

The OM wants to chain a second consecutive success in the L1 after the one achieved in Angers during the 9th day.

The return of the public to the Velodrome

If the Vélodrome stadium was beaten behind closed doors on Tuesday night in the Champions League, on Saturday it will be very full for the reception of the Corsican team.

Good morning to all

After their victory in the Champions League on Tuesday at a Vélodrome behind closed doors against Sporting de Portugal (4-1), OM returns to its stadium and its public this Saturday (5:00 p.m.), for the reception of AC Ajaccio during the Matchday 10 of Ligue 1. Igor Tudor and Leonardo Balerdi will give a press conference this Friday at 2:30 p.m.

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