LIVE – PSG: The group with Mbappé, Gharbi replaces Messi, package

The group with Mbappé, Gharbi replaces Messi, package

PSG has announced its group of players who will travel “by bus” to Reims for matchday 10 of Ligue 1. Sick, Kylian Mbappé is there, unlike Lionel Messi, reserved for this match. The Argentine is replaced by Ismaël Gharbi, awarded for his very good performances with the U-19 team. Nuno Mendes, injured for three weeks, is also out.

Galtier on the pressure at PSG

“As for me, I don’t turn on the television, I don’t read the press and I don’t listen to the radio. I stay focused on my daily work, with my group and my staff. We always come back. to the match that has been played but between the last match and tomorrow’s there is very little time. Fast change. We will do a more precise analysis before the match against Benfica.”

Galtier talks about a “crazy” calendar

“Regarding the sequence of matches, from the start of the season, everyone says it’s been a hell of a schedule. Even more so for a team that participates in European competition, with national teams. There are only four players left with us. days between the two Benfica matches, which generates a lot of mental and physical fatigue. We try to get as much data as possible with our performance cell. There is a prevention work. But the sequence is dangerous for the physical health of the players. there must be injuries. Behind is the World Cup. Injuries can prompt players to think about when it’s time to change, compared to the World Cup. I speak freely because everyone is in this reflection. The players are competitive and want to play everything, but always performing well. They put a lot of things on it, we support them in that. This is the conclusion of all the coaches: the schedule is crazy.”

Galtier on Carlos Soler

“If I am not mistaken, it is our last signing. He arrived late. There is always a delay for integration, whether in his family or work life with his teammates, the championship, etc. There is always an adaptation period. I watched his matches with the national team. His positioning is different from Valencia. He plays between the lines, he can play in a midfield with 3, but also in a more offensive register, a little better on the left, in his incoming re-foot. There is the possibility for it to start tomorrow.”

Galtier is still in the system that could change

“Managing depth is always difficult. If we change the system, it’s not certain that there won’t be more problems even if we can estimate that a player higher in a line changes the deal. I have players who haven’t played much recently and who can be a added value, regardless of the system. The difficulty of changing the system is that we returned from Benfica yesterday at 6 in the morning and that there are not many sessions to work on. It is rather the density and the technical relationship at the heart of the game that could encourage me to change the system.

Gharbi in the group as confirmed by Galtier

“Ismaël Gharbi will be in the group. He works well, he is serious and he performs well in the Youth League although we can consider Ligue 1 to be on another level. I had a discussion with him this morning, I encouraged and urged him.” not to give up We all see that he is making progress and working well.”

Galtier on a probable system change

“For the transfer window, we are not in the period but in a period in which there are many games with a lot at stake. About a change of organization, there are always reflections. Nothing is fixed for a coach with injuries, bad shape, etc. It is not the absence of a left back that will encourage me to change the system.”

Galtier on criticism of Donnarumma

“He works well, no one is closed to feedback. Sometimes it turns into criticism. No one is insensitive. What I could notice in this period is that he stayed focused on his work, trying to eliminate his small flaws and keep his strengths. I saw nothing different in his preparation for the match. Obviously, he and the whole team, we were all satisfied with his performance in Lisbon. He always pointed out his little mistakes, whether due to lack of concentration or others. He told him after Benfica that he should continue, always be efficient”.

Galtier on opposing absences

“No, it’s not the absences in Reims that are going to change my 11. The way of playing is identified. I also send a message of support to Óscar García, who I suppose is going through very difficult times as a man”.

Galtier on Hugo Ekitike

“We have two casualties that are Nuno Mendes and Lionel Messi, who will be discharged due to inconvenience in his twin. He will resume on Sunday and will train on Monday the day before the game. That will allow players to have time to play as Juan. Bernat. Kylian Mbappé is not out but he is the victim of angina that he probably already had before the game against Benfica. It remains to be seen if Hugo Ekitike will start, there is a reflection in relation to that. He is the second top striker on our squad. He will face his former teammates, his old fans, in a stadium that he knows well and in which he performed well. There is no more pressure to put in relation to his first term. There is no need for comparisons. He is a young player who is learning but must also be competitive and competitive. There is an obligation to surrender.”

Galtier on the medical point, confirming Messi’s package

“There will be changes. We will travel by bus (big smile). That people understand, although the organizations are tired, it is close to home. We will be very well on our bus. Leo Messi will not be operational in Reims, but he will resume training on Sunday by the morning. Kylian Mbappé has angina but will travel to Reims”.

Galtier before the press conference

As usual, Christophe Galtier goes to the microphone of PSGTV before the press conference: “The coaches, we change quickly after a game. There is the state of form of the players, the fatigue, we came back very late after Lisbon. We talked” A lot with the players, the medical staff, we try to establish as many recovery times as possible. As for the competition, there is great motivation when it is the Champions League. But we also have a very high goal in the league. There is also this motivation, this game comes very early.”

“I give all my support to Óscar García, who will not be on the bench tomorrow. I know it is a difficult moment not for the coach but for the man. Reims played a lot of games outnumbered, rightly or wrongly. This team will want to beat him to PSG, he has been identified in relation to his way of playing. We will have to be focused and determined”.

PSG’s medical point: Messi’s package for Reims, three weeks off for Mendes

On the sidelines of the press conference, PSG communicated their medical point before the game against Reims this Saturday:

– Presnel Kimpembe continues his rehabilitation at the Training Center

– Afflicted by the appearance of angina, Kylian Mbappé is better. He trained indoors today.

– Renato Sanches has resumed individual races and training, his resumption with the group is scheduled for next week.

– Discharged on Wednesday night after calf discomfort, Leo Messi remained in care after reassuring examinations. A new point will be made on Sunday.

– Injured on Tuesday night in the left hamstring, Nuno Mendes should return to training in 3 weeks.

Cavani reveals having done therapy after the comeback against Barça

In an interview with the Spanish site Relevo, Edinson Cavani stressed the importance of psychological monitoring for players. He says that he followed his first therapy after the traumatic comeback suffered by PSG against Barça in 2017 (6-1) in the Champions League.

>> Cavani’s full comments

“The first time I went there (to a therapist, editor’s note) was after Barça’s second leg against PSG, he reveals. It touched me a lot and there are things that overload you. In five minutes, everything we were doing changed It’s such a big blow, you can’t control it, and even though it’s just football, it affects you in other parts, with anxiety symptoms, cold sweats, I felt dizzy when I fell asleep, and I was already afraid to fall asleep… I wondered : ‘Do I have a problem in the head?’ I went to see the PSG doctor, who I adore, and he told me: ‘what happens to you, happens to a lot of people in different areas.’ Not a superhero.”

Messi shot in a calf

According to L’Equipe, Lionel Messi asked to be substituted at the end of the match against Benfica after feeling pain in his calf. The attacker suffers a small contracture without gravity.

“He came out with his hand and said he wanted to come out,” Christophe Galtier told RMC Sport after the match. In the last acceleration, he felt tired. He left because he felt tired and that “a new partner was much more interesting at that time”. ‘On leaving the stadium, Messi walked without apparent discomfort, confirming the words of his coach.

Training this Friday at 11 am

The PSG players will train this Friday at 11 am, two days after their draw (1-1) against Benfica Lisbon in the Champions League.

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