Lord – Sega prepares a great game that will ensure its future

Always ranked among the largest video game publishers in the world, Sega is no less protected from the fierce competition of the market. Iconic franchises like Sonic are no longer enough to make it a competitive and innovative firm. Therefore, the Japanese publisher is counting on the revival to make money, a lot of money. It is in this context that he has just announced the launch of a new “supergame”.

A game that will raise 600 million dollars

Like Lionsgate, which aims to make John Wick an AAA video game, Sega is preparing a title that should go a long way. The project is mentioned among the financial results of the Japanese publisher. The documents refer to a “new IP” that should net Sega the sum of 100 billion yen, or the equivalent of $600 million. The project is great insofar as it is not a remake or continuation of an existing video game series. Therefore, the title should bring renewal to the catalog of Sega titles.

But let’s put it in perspective, the 600 million dollars announced are not always up to the billing achieved by other more profitable franchises such as Call of Duty. Sega even specifies that profitability will be low. However, the title should yield much more thanks to its strong growth potential. Is it a multi-part franchise, an extended universe, or a large-scale multiplayer video game with millions of players? No details have been leaked at the moment. Sera CEO Haruki Satomi simply stated that the “big game” will bring together an entire community of gamers, streamers, and viewers.

The truth is that this video game will be sold worldwide. It is not, therefore, a niche video game that is only aimed at the Japanese market. Still, this track doesn’t lead to an actual track since the vast majority of Sega games are released internationally. We also know that the title should be released in the next four years, before March 2026. The publisher should keep the mystery for quite some time before fully revealing this great video game in question.

Chain sequels and remakes

In the meantime, Sega promises to build on its already ongoing licenses over the next five years. In particular, the company plans to develop and produce sequels, remakes, and reboots of various video games. Crazy Taxi, Altered Beast, Shinobi, House of The Dead or Panzer Dragoon are some of the licenses mentioned. By 2026, it also plans to make franchises like Yakuza, Total War, Persona, Phantasy Star, and of course Sonic as “global brands.” Does this imply a change of strategy in terms of communication and distribution? We will know more in the coming months!

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