Love is in the air

Tonight in “Love is in the meadow”, Nathalie decided to tell her four truths to Jean after the kiss she gave to Laurence, the other suitor. (screenshot M6)

This Monday, October 10, Karine Le Marchand presents episode 8 of season 17 of “Love is in the meadow”, broadcast on M6. And it is the day after a frantic slowness (and a kiss that has given so much to talk about him) that the spectators find Jean, Nathalie and Laurence, her two suitors. And the least we can say is that the atmosphere is far from good. On the way back from the tavern, a great silence fell over the farmer’s house. Invited to join him and Laurence for a meal, Nathalie finally told the cowherd other truths. A great moment of frankness (and mythical expressions) appreciated by the tweets.

Ambient. On the occasion of the eighth episode of the 17th season of “Love is in the meadow” aired this Monday night on M6, Karine Le Marchand was especially interested in the day after the night of Jean, Nathalie and Laurence. During the episode broadcast on September 27, viewers witnessed a slow motion between Jean and Laurence. During this torrid dance, and after three days of living together, the two suitors exchanged a long kiss… under the gaze of Nathalie, the 58-year-old breeder’s other suitor, who was left alone at the table. “I was a little hopeful anyway. I had a feeling maybe he had feelings for me. I feel lonely, I’m tense there, it’s the elastic in my underwear,” she later confided to the cameras. A moment, especially embarrassing for many Internet users, which has been repeated countless times in the media. It is precisely after this guinguette that we find the Beaujolais farmer and his two suitors. And honestly we can’t say that the atmosphere is good. It’s true: Nathalie has a hard time digesting the kiss scene from the day before.

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“She is what she is, but I agree with her!”

Back in the afternoon, a great silence took over the whole house. While Laurence and Jean are setting the table for three, as if nothing had happened, Nathalie is conspicuous by her absence. Cow farmer Salers decides to go get the news and goes upstairs. He finds Nathalie lying on her bed, visibly affected by the scene from the day before. After declining the invitation to lunch, the dynamic 50-year-old blonde takes advantage of this moment to share her feelings with Jean. “Well, you got it…” the farmer yells at him, echoing the kiss exchanged with Laurence. “Yes, I understood”, replies Nathalie. “You could have avoided doing it in front of me, already out of respect for the person,” she continues. And this moment quickly turned into explanations in front of Laurence, silent and dumbstruck. Hurt by the frantic slowness during the guinguette, Nathalie told Jean her four truths: “I’m not a five-week-old Garenne rabbit! (…) If I could walk there, I’m leaving,” she asks the farmer before going out for fresh air. A moment of frankness and mythical expressions that netizens appreciated.

It was finally the next morning that the candidate packed her bags (pulling out a new nugget: “With Nathalie, everything goes!”) Then she took a taxi to get out of the adventure.

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