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In the seventh episode of the 17th season of “Love is in the meadow”, Perrine did not understand Sébastien’s attitude, during a dinner in a restaurant by the sea (M6 screenshot).

This Monday, October 3, M6 broadcasts episode 7 of season 17 of “Love is in the meadow”. Tonight, five candidates meet their suitors at home. The opportunity for the protagonists to discover each other and get closer. The evening was marked by the first confidences to his two suitors of Noémie, the youngest of the single women, after the Olympics of love, but also by a cold atmosphere between Perrine and Léa, the two suitors of Sébastien, the handsome Corsican of this season. . During a dinner at the restaurant, the pig farmer was very dry with Perrine, which shocked netizens.

They buried the ax… or almost. On the occasion of the seventh episode of this 17th season of “Love is in the meadow”, told by Karine Le Marchand, life on the farm continues for farmers. Five of them receive their suitors at home, in their universe. The opportunity for all singles to share their daily lives with their potential soul mate. At the beginning of the evening, we witness a rather unusual walk (the word is weak) between Noémie, the youngest of this season betrayed several times in love, Romain, Gaël… and Serge, the llama. Very playful, Alain receives his suitors in a cabin reserved for the occasion. Jean-Paul, dubbed the “George Clooney of the Moselle” by Karine Le Marchand, put the rivalry at the center of his exchanges with his guests.

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“They left her for an hour?!”

Meanwhile, Sébastien has chosen to invite his two suitors to a restaurant by the sea, no doubt an attempt to restore peace between Léa and Perrine, who, some time before, decided to admit their mistakes and start over from scratch. But the coexistence turned into chaos again tonight. If the three protagonists were all smiles in the car, with Léa at the wheel, a small comment from Perrine regarding her rival will give a completely different tone to the evening. “I’m too scared to take the thing,” Perrine says, pointing to a roadside guardrail. It was enough for Léa to walk away and hand over the steering wheel to Sébastien: “It will spare me any comment. I don’t criticize, I don’t like criticism.” Annoyed, the caretaker was then much more discreet until arrival at the restaurant. Wanting to break the ice, she offers the handsome Corsican to exchange five minutes face-to-face, alone with him, leaving Perrine alone at the table. He then confides in the bachelor about his difficulty in living this three-way coexistence. Except the five minutes… lasted an hour. The smiling Ch’ti, still at the table, rebelled and demanded an explanation. The pig farmer was very dry with Perrine: “I have to cut myself in half to try to get to know each other. It’s not easy. The way you give me you did that, I want to tell you, take the car and get out of here!” he tells Perrine. In an interview outside, the young woman was lost in her tears. This clash and these exchanges shocked netizens, many of whom came to Perrine’s defense.

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