Love is in the meadow (2022)

During the first part of the balance of Love is in the meadow proposed by Karine Le Marchand on M6 this November 7, Annaïg was able to calm the ardor of her suitor, Alexandre, who wants to go too fast.

The young stream of Finistère Nord, between Brest and Morlaix, won Alexandre’s heart.

By participating in this dating show, he hopes to avoid fate after having overcome various tragedies, including the disappearance of his father.
The young woman lost it when she was only eight years old.

“When I talk about my family, I often say my mother, my uncle and my aunt because they are the people who raised me,” said Annaïg.
“I have three parents,” added a young woman during a meal with Alexandre’s family. In confidence, she immediately opened her heart.
But things could get complicated and for good reason!
Anaïg refuses to go too fast and wouldn’t consider turning a corner right away.
On the other hand, Alexandre already sees himself forming a family. “I want her to come and start a family,” he said.
There is a real concern.

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