Love is in the meadow – a big fight breaks out, they almost fight!

the candidate of Love is in the airAlain, a calf and poultry breeder, decided to receive three suitors on her farm. Therefore, thefarmer quickly felt a strong attraction to his namesake, Alain, that even ended up kissing. After this kiss given on a whim, she confided in Karine Le MarchandI kissed Alain because I have an attraction towards him. I’m a bit like that, he let me go. Inevitably he gives people hope, I know he’s not smart“, she admitted, preferring to distance herself to meet her other suitor still in the running, Jean-Noël.

The next episode of love is in the pre aerated Monday, October 10, 2022 at M6 est now available in full on the video on demand platform, somersault. During this section, Alain decides to invite his two suitors to the restaurant. But we came close to a diplomatic incident!

a crash in Love is in the air

The least we can say is that there is atmosphere between Alain and his suitors in Love is in the air. Since Alain, his namesake, and Jean-Noël crossed the threshold of his exploitation, The calf and poultry farmer no longer knows where to turn!

In the new episode of the M6 ​​program on Monday, October 10, now available on Salto, your nerves take a hit. In fact, an evening at the restaurant degenerated between the calf farmer and his two suitors of his, and it’s the shock!

In fact, in an excerpt, M6 revealed an excerpt where Alain reveals having to endure another very stormy meal.

Thus, during the meal, a confrontation broke out between Alain (the namesake) and Jean-Noël, which made the 58-year-old calf and poultry breeder very uncomfortable.

And the tone rises during dinner at the restaurant. While talking about the morning show the next day, Alain’s two suitors literally break down. ” You, you do what you want, but I go (to the market, editor’s note)“Jean-Noël throws at his rival. ” I ask the question, I didn’t say I didn’t want to come“, then answers Alain.

Faced with Alain’s very dry tone, Jean-Noël suggests that he stay ” Zen“. ” I’m zen, but I don’t like to be cut“, then answers Alain.

I don’t like people making fun of me

When the dishes arrive, Jean-Noël throws a shovel over the salad that Jean-Noël has ordered. While this one just asked Alain (the calf breeder) a question” I can talk with him…“, Alain (the suitor) angers, visibly stung. ” Calm down !“, tries to calm Alain (the calf farmer).

No, but that’s good, I often get cut!“, continues Alain, the suitor. ” So I don’t want to say, but from the start you do it to meJean-Noël replies. ” I’m letting you talk, so stop! You don’t interrupt when I speak and that’s enough!“, then launches Alain (the suitor). ” I almost do not talk“, justifies Jean-Noël, who fails to convince his rival. ” If you want to play this, be careful.“, warns the latter.

liar!“, “ I don’t like people making fun of me“, “ mistrust“, each insults the other.

Shocked by this shock, Alain (the breeder) tries to intervene. ” But you’re not 15!“, she shouts at first, before whispering to her suitors to shut up.

But the two men continue their public dispute without argument. ” I can’t stand scandal, like that in front of people. It’s something that makes my hair stand on end“, Then explains his driver during an interview. ” The competition eat ’em up, make ’em hammer all the way“, he concludes.

What will be the choice of the calf and poultry breeder?

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