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In an interview with the newspaper L’Equipe, Sidney Govou unleashed himself on Olympique Lyonnais. From leaders to players, including coach Peter Bosz, the former Gone spared no one.

Sidney Govou has not been kind to his training club.

In his role, president Jean-Michel Aulas is quick to downplay the situation after every poor showing from Olympique Lyonnais.

On Sunday night, his team, however, conceded to Lens (1-0) their fourth consecutive loss in Ligue 1, leaving the podium 9 points away.

incompetent leaders

So for Sidney Govou, you have to accept that he is dead. You won’t finish in the top four. . Categorical, the former Lyonnais took advantage of this interview with L’Equipe to hit the Rhone club on all floors.

The consultant believes that OL walk upside down by the decisions made by Aulas, who, according to him, around incompetent people . Among the leaders targeted, recruiting manager Benot Cheyrou does not know the networks to sell . As for Vincent Ponsot, the director of football is designated as someone who doesn’t know football. He is a very competent man in his field, but his only press release was catastrophic. denounced Govou in reference to the goal scored by Peter Bosz in the World Cup truce.

The surcot players

Speaking of the Dutch coach, the former winger feels he is no longer defensible. But you can’t fire him now, he advised. You’re going to change owners, there’s a mini-truce. You lost four games in a row, the new one is not going to work magic. Even less with the players surcoats . I don’t see many OL players who would start in Paris of course, Marseille, Monaco or even Rennes… Not top 4 or 5. confided the observer from Les Gones, he faced this senators team that rookies Corentin Tolisso and Alexandre Lacazette cannot deliver.

Cherki put her place back

It is a system to review, how to talk to the players, how to get them to sign contracts added Govou, whose most aggressive step is that of Rayan Cherki, unhappy with his playing time. He says he wants to play as a 10 and no one answers him at the club, even though Bosz was good at it? You have to tell him: How old are you? You made 3 decisive passes, 2 corners, and with the Espoirs it was still children’s football. And under pressure, Lens, he fought is upset consultant.

This boy was put too soon too high and you let him say things, he lamented. (…) But the president said: Leave him alone, he is our future. This is not the correct message to send. Govou’s has been transmitted, and will surely feed the theory of attack on OL presented by Aulas.

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