“Madrid didn’t need to play very well to beat us”

Shakhtar Donetsk coach, Igor Jovicevic, spoke after his team fell to Real Madrid (2-1).

“There was a bit of everything. The lack of experience was felt early in the match. Real Madrid is deadly in transitions and we need to play a little more often in this type of game. We play against the best in the world and that situation cannot be hidden. The more we play these matches, the better we get. I pray to God that we have more games like this that make us grow as a team. There were stages in which we were at their level. or better,” he said at a news conference.

“Real Madrid forgave us a couple of times, but we were also able to get back in the game. We played a decent role against the best in the world. What wasn’t enough today can be enough against other clubs,” he added.

“Real Madrid is aware of his strength. He didn’t need to play very well to win the game. He wins because of his quality and because he dominates the game perfectly. He doesn’t need to be very aggressive, and he also allowed us to combine,” he said.

Jovicevic is convinced that in six days they will be able to get something positive out of Real Madrid’s visit, in a match that will be played in Warsaw (Poland) because of the war. “Each match is important. We will analyze what happened today from an emotional point of view so as not to make simple mistakes and not give them gifts. The second match in Warsaw, with many Ukrainians in the stadium, will help.” It will be easier to play because we have already broken the ice in today’s match,” he said.

In addition, the Shakhtar coach welcomed the gesture of the Bernabéu public that applauded the Ukrainian team after the game. “The Real Madrid fans are always sovereign. He knows how to judge and respect and he did that today. Neither Vinicius nor Rodrygo were what they are today the first year, they are formed based on these games, on failure and to move forward. My boys, you should be proud to have entered the competition today.”

A match that, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, represented something else, recalls Jovicevic: “We have made many Shakhtar fans who fight for the freedom of Ukraine proud. We have a civil responsibility to return their commitment on the ground,” he said. .

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