Maintain mental fitness with games and entertainment.

Aside from sports and other physical activities, there are various entertainment activities and games that can go well with people over 60 years of age. Especially in what the brain needs stimulation and training so you can maintain your performance.

Of the various strategy games, for example, memory, reflection and concentration are worked on. On the other hand, there are certain disciplines that require the application of game rules while others have levels of difficulty that will encourage the older ones to overcome their feats.

Recreational games: card games and chess

The results of a study carried out at a university showed that the capacities of the brain improve as the person practices an activity that stimulates it. Recreational games are played in groups and therefore avoid isolation. It is possible to delay, or even fight against Alzheimer’s disease through the practice of card games or chess.

The games allow to integrate a group of friends. It is then a good way to maintain the health of an elderly person. This entertainment stimulates the cognitive functions of the elderly while having fun. In addition to being a pleasant pastime, the various recreational games are a tool for the prevention of certain diseases.

the puzzle

The puzzle is one of the best ways to stimulate and reveal the cognitive abilities of retirees. This activity not only involves great concentration, but also requires the use of logic and visuospatial skills.

From the physical point of view, the puzzle stimulates fine motor skills through the manipulation of the game pieces. This game comes in different forms and is suitable for the condition of the players. For example, there are rooms specially designed for people with Alzheimer’s disease and the same for people with visual disabilities.

FDJ games

Among the games that retirees can participate in are the various games offered by the FDJ. This type of game of chance allows you to have fun having the possibility of winning moneyand even a lot of money if the player has luck on their side.

The site offers a multitude of games, for all tastes. There are, for example, card games, scratch cards, lottery or prediction games. You still have to keep your head on your shoulders, this type of gambling easily makes players addicted, which will cause more trouble than pleasure for the retired person.

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