Maritime border with Lebanon: Israeli amendments “accepted”

“We are on the way to a historic agreement,” Israel’s national security adviser Eyal Hulata said in a statement.

The changes requested by Israel to the draft agreement to delimit its maritime border with Lebanon were “accepted“, thus paving the way for an agreement”historicaland exploitation of offshore gas fields, an Israeli official said on Tuesday.

All our requests have been accepted, the changes we demand have been corrected. We have preserved Israel’s security interests, we are on the way to a historic agreementIsraeli national security adviser Eyal Hulata said in a statement.

american mediation

The United States has mediated for two years between Lebanon and Israel, neighboring countries officially in a state of war, to reach an agreement aimed at delimiting their maritime border and removing obstacles to hydrocarbon prospecting. The two countries had expressed in early October their satisfaction with a draft agreement by the US mediator Amos Hochstein.

According to press reports and officials, this text foresees that the Karish marine field will remain under Israeli control and that the Cana reserves, located further to the northeast, will be granted to Lebanon, although a part exceeds the future demarcation line. The Jewish State would receive part of the income from the exploitation of gas in Cana, according to these sources. But on Thursday, Israel affirmed its rejection of a series of Lebanese amendments to the draft agreement.

“beneficial” deal

On Sunday, the British group Energean announced the start of tests to connect the Karish gas platform with Israeli territory. The Israeli Ministry of Energy had indicated in mid-September that tests would soon begin to connect this gas field in the eastern Mediterranean to its network, before finally starting to exploit the field.

The French Foreign Ministry said for its part this weekend to contribute “actively in US mediation“, emphasizing that an agreement would be”beneficial for both countries and their populationsIn July, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid raised this sensitive issue with President Emmanuel Macron, hoping that Paris will use its influence to facilitate a deal with Beirut, especially as French group Total is expected to explore the deposit. of Cana. .

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