Maybe we should rethink the formation of the Earth

We know that the Earth was formed by the agglomeration of dust and large rocks attracted by gravity. However, several hypotheses about this process remain to be verified. A recent study has just shed light on certain details of the mechanism.

Have you ever imagined how the Earth and the Moon were formed? Scientists have always tried to find a rational explanation of this phenomenon. Hence, the birth of the giant impact hypothesis according to which the moon would have been the product of a collision between the young earth and a protoplanet similar in size to Mars. Today, scientists have achieved a feat in their research on the subject. The most recent studies have revealed that it is possible to explain the formation of the Earth through the earth’s magnetic field.

But when did the Earth begin to become magnetized?

the researchers at the University of Leeds and the one of chicago did a study on fluid dynamics and electrically conductive fluids. This analysis allowed them to determine when the Earth began to become magnetized, that is, before or after the collision. This is how scientists intend to refine the divergent theories about the formation of the Earth.

According to david hughesa Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Leeds, theorists of the time downplayed the potential of this link. However, according to him, it would occupy a preponderant place in thehistory of the earth-moon system.

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A theory based on the specific property of the geodynamo

the ground dynamoalso called geodynamois an electrically conductive and rotating fluid found in the blue planet core. It serves to drive many magnetic field lines. This movement results from the rotation of the Earth.

The geodynamo, the Earth and its magnetic field

According to the statement of Fausto Cattaneyo, professor and astrophysicist at the University of Chicagothe earth dynamo “it can maintain a strong magnetic field, but not amplify a weak field”. So if she had to leave, it could no longer activate automatically. It is in this sense that scientists are trying to understand the formation of the Earth-Moon system. Here, therefore, it is a question of whether the primitive earth has already been magnetized or not.

Extensive research on the evolution of magnetic fields.

the Teacher hugs encourages scientists to continue research the origin and evolution of magnetic fields.

And if that’s true, then you must be wondering where the magnetic field is coming from in the first place.. »

professor hughes

Furthermore, always according to him, the history of the earth must imperatively include the study of magnetism. So, how can we affirm the resilience of the magnetic field if we do not talk about its origin and its particular characteristics? Anyway, the researchers already have their hypothesis about it. The specific character of the magnetic field would be a direct consequence of the impact or perhaps its state before impact.

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