Mehmet Oz, a former surgeon and TV host parachuted to the front by Republicans in Pennsylvania

LThe midterm elections are especially tight in Pennsylvania. Mehmet Oz is running for a senator seat there on behalf of Republicans in a potentially decisive battle for control of the upper house.

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In thirteen seasons and nearly 1,700 episodes of his talk show The Dr Oz ShowMehmet Oz, 62, has made a name for himself and a fortune. Oprah Winfrey nicknamed him “America’s Doctor”. The surgeon, but also a promoter of miracle cures and other pseudosciences, is now a candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate for the midterm elections. “I’m not a politician, I’m a cardiac surgeon. What I do is simple. I focus on the heart. The heart is important. And we all work together.”

He is known to millions of Americans, but his notoriety has not helped him in Pennsylvania, where he has no ties. Mehmet Oz is accused of being out of touch with the average voter. In an attempt to convince the center, he distanced himself from the most extreme theses of Donald Trump. He even acknowledged Joe Biden’s victory in 2020.

But he is campaigning along very conservative lines.“The federal government shouldn’t have a say in abortion. To me, it’s between women, doctors and local politicians.” Coldly received by Republicans in Pennsylvania, Mehmet Oz could still open the doors of Congress, because against John Fetterman, the Democrat, the victim of a stroke in May, he did not do much better.

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