Mercato – Kylian Mbappé wants to leave PSG: Since his extension, nothing has gone well for him

April 2022: The party of the house and the shovel in the Ultras

Fun party at home. On April 23, Paris Saint-Germain won their tenth title as French champions, at the Parc des Princes, after an uneventful match against Lens (1-1). The club from the capital joined Saint-Etienne at the top of the list, but the atmosphere is heavy. A month earlier, Mauricio Pochettino’s men were eliminated by Real Madrid in the Champions League round of 16. And Kylian Mbappé continues to maintain uncertainty about his future.

Champions League

Mbappé would like to leave PSG!


Angry, the Parisian ultras decide to avoid the festivities. Not enough to unsettle the French striker. “Personally, it doesn’t affect me.loses in the mixed zone. […] It is not because a minority of supporters has left. They do not represent all PSG fans. They represent a minority. The stadium was full, we were happy, we thanked them..” Ambient.

May 2022: Extension and reconciliation

A month later, Mbappé puts all the fans in his pocket. After a completely crazy week, where he first seemed close to Real Madrid before agreeing with Paris Saint-Germain -even in his most demanding demands-, the striker announces that he is extending the adventure with the capital club. A seething Park gave him a standing ovation, just before a match against Metz.

“With the BBC or MSN there have been commitments: Mbappé must not deviate from the rule”

In the process, in front of the press, the Bondy star tries to minimize his new status in the Parisian project. “I’m still a footballer and I’m anchored in a collectiveslips. I repeat myself but I am a footballer, I will stay in this position as a footballer. I like to chat and talk about football, but that’s where it all ends. Responsibilities are acquired in the field. This is where you earn respect. There is already a captain, he deserves his bracelet. I don’t need the bracelet to be important on the court.”

August 2022: A frustrated comeback

Kylian Mbappé makes his comeback… angry. Affected in the adductors and therefore out at the start of the season, the tricolor striker has been lined up from the start during the second day of Ligue 1 against Montpellier. On the ground, his attitude invites reflection. Especially when, just before the break, the former Monegasque shows his annoyance, with a gesture of his hand, after Vitinha preferred to serve Lionel Messi in the counterphase. Seconds before, he had not convinced Neymar to let him take care of a second penalty, after missing the first.

175 goals: Haaland does better than Mbappé and crushes the Messi-Ronaldo duo at the same age

Frustrated, the striker? “Inevitably, he is not in good physical shape.he tried to reassure Christophe Galtier in the process. He is a competitor, who wants to do things well, but there is also a reality to take into account. He had to find his marks, make the right moves. He improved throughout the game, but there was fatigueIn the press, his environment also evokes personal problems, but the relationship that unites him with Neymar becomes a central theme.

September 2022: Freer in Blues

Kylian Mbappé never says anything by chance. Especially during international holidays. When he arrives in the mixed zone after the French team’s win over Austria, Bondy’s star takes the opportunity to send a message to Christophe Galtier… and to the PSG board.

Is Mbappé doing too much? “It’s the very nature of his game and his personality”

different game. They ask me here other things in relation to my clubHe insists. I have much more freedom here. The coach knows that there is a 9 like Oliv’ that occupies the defenses, and I can walk and go out into space. In Paris it is different, there is not that. They ask me to turn, it’s different.” The first banner.

October 2022: “Pivot Gang”

The second banner arrives a few weeks later. Starting in Reims while he is sick -in any case, this is what Galtier will reveal a few days later-, Mbappé completes a new frustrating game. And aimlessly. His body language still conveys a lot of frustration. A post published on social media a few moments later makes the situation even more apparent. With the hashtag “pivot band”, the tricolor international continues to show that he is not satisfied with his role on the field.

“Like Wembanyama, Haaland breaks the codes”

I talked to Kylian a lot at the beginning of the season.Galtier says at a press conference. He had been very attentive to his statement with the French team, where he had explained that he felt more comfortable in the Blues animation. I don’t know what Kylian was told before I got here. But throughout the preparation, we discussed with the president and Luis [Campos] have a fourth attacker with another profile to be able to evolve with two men in front. And let Kylian evolve in his preferential zone. This player has not arrived.For this reason, the next day, Mbappé decided to bang his fist on the table and make it known, through those around him, that he wanted to leave the club as soon as possible.

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