Michelle and Barack Obama celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary

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After thirty years of marriage, Michelle and Barack Obama weave the perfect love.

Michelle and Barack Obama celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on Monday. For the occasion, the former president of the United States dedicated an Instagram post to his wife. “I really don’t know why you look exactly the same as you did thirty years ago and I don’t. I know I won the lottery that day and I couldn’t hope for a better partner than you. Happy birthday my love! ”, She wrote under a photo of him, gently resting her head on the shoulder of“ Miche ”.

What’s next after this announcement?

Michelle Obama also took up her pen to express her love. “Happy birthday to the man I love! The last thirty years have been an adventure and I am grateful to have you by my side. I love you,” she wrote on Twitter. A wedding photo of her completes the post.

What’s next after this announcement?

Michelle and Barack Obama married in 1992 after three years of dating. The couple had met in Chicago during a summer internship at a law firm. In her memoirs, 44the The president of the United States had counted their wedding. “After many years of dating, Michelle and I were married at Trinity United Church of Christ on October 3, 1992, with over three hundred of our friends, colleagues and family happily huddled in the pews of this church,” he wrote in 2020. in “A Promised Land.”

What’s next after this announcement?

What’s next after this announcement?

The former First Lady had also described this day. “It was a great wedding […] There were not only my cousins, but also the cousins ​​of my cousins, and those cousins ​​had children that I would never let go of. They all made this day more meaningful and joyous,” she said on “Becoming” in 2018. Michelle and Barack Obama have two daughters, Malia (24) and Sasha (21).

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