Monica Bellucci, detached from the passage of time

Invited to the set of “What a time!” On Saturday on France 2, the actress testified about a serene relationship with the passage of time.

Aging, wrinkles, cosmetic surgery… So many issues that actresses and personalities face in an industry where dictates about physical appearance reign. Through social networks and the media, there are many who fight these protections. More recent? Monica Bellucci, guest on Saturday, November 5 on the set of “Quelle époque!” on France 2 to promote the film the girl at the fountain by Antonio Panizzi, dedicated to Anita Ekberg.

Léa Salamé, co-host of the program with Christophe Dechavanne, challenged Gad Elmaleh, also a guest, in a sentence pronounced by the Italian actress. “You know Monica Bellucci says that her biological beauty is gone. I don’t know how you can say that!” The journalist reacts before insisting: “How can you say that?”

And Mónica Bellucci to answer: “Time passes, that’s right. There is a time for everything and there is a precise biological period. Then there are other things that happen, we mature, we have a distance from things… I think it’s very interesting to see the evolution of a person’s life..“Léa Salamé continues to speak of a form of resignation by the 58-year-old actress on this issue. “A resignation? Give up what? But not ! I think the passage of time is great. It’s just another vision of life, but that doesn’t take anything away from the passion and the will to live.”

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Already last December, Monica Bellucci was very calm on the subject in an interview with the sunday time. “There are a multitude of stages in life,” he confided to the English-language weekly. “When you are young, you have what they call, in France, the beauty of the devil. It is something natural, it is the beauty of youth, the beauty of a biological moment in life. And life goes on. The physicist ages and you have to deal with it. There’s nothing we can do.”

Like Salma Hayek, the most French of Italian actresses, she also confesses that she has had to make an effort: “I go on a bit of a diet when I have to work, but I’m not obsessed. I have always been a round woman, never skinny, it is my nature and I want to grow old serenely. And the numerous requests from brands (she works with Dolce & Gabbana and Cartier in particular) should assure you that she has no reason to see things differently.

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