“Mr. Chane Pane is asked to be the architect of his own misfortune”

“This hearing should never have taken place and will not resolve anything because when you have contractual relationships that develop harmoniously and in good faith, that does not happen”, begins Me Jean-Jacques Morel, for the defense of ICP Roto. .

For the lawyer it is “fake” to say that “Mr. Chane Pane wished to break for good” contract. “He wanted to press the red button to stop printing because his staff went on strike on Friday night and he himself was hospitalized. So we can’t say he started the move.”

The Dionysian lawyer further indicates that his client has “approached the JIR offering mediation as provided in the contract”. From this he deduces that the judge could “suspend saying: ICP proposed mediation through a bailiff when there was never an express refusal from the other side of the bar”. In fact, negotiation was one of the ways out of the crisis foreseen by Alfred Chane Pane when the stoppage of the staff strike turned out to be legally dangerous.

“Mr. Chane Pane is accused of being a thief”

Me Morel explains that there is no desire to attack the Journal de l’Ile as such. “It’s not the JIR v. ICP file, it’s Mr. Tillier’s v. ICP file.” It takes up the episode of the Ah-Sing press and the accusations made in the Editorial last Saturday. “Although it is written in a baffling manner, it is said that this case smacks of fraud. We understand that Mr. Chane Pane is accused of being a fraudster, of having smoked the court. Consular judges are dragged through the mud. …”

The lawyer tends the cover of the JIR entitled “Censorship and lies”, published on Clicanoo and printed on paper in only 1,500 copies, on Sunday. “The next day is an execution in the public square. Mr. Chane Pane is asked to fulfill a contract by throwing the bucket of tar on him and to be the architect of his own misfortune.” And I morel to punish “hateful, malicious and dirty conduct that seriously damages the image, reputation and serenity of the striking workers…”

“If we want to insult Mr. Chane Pane, we have to change the printing press!”

The black dress believes that it is no longer about gagging the JIR. “Like a broken record, Mr. Tillier continues to shout at censorship, at the violation of press freedom, at the JIR that is gagged because it reveals scams…they are fables.” Me Morel returns to contract law: “You have a JIR company that attacks its co-contractor and that, in reality, is no longer in good faith, as the legislator dictates. Mr. Chane Pane has nothing against the JIR. He simply stigmatized defective contractual conduct and hastened the execution of the breach provided for by contract law.

The lawyer suggests that his client could respond in case of failure. “You will see in the contract that we think we can leave in a month. If by chance it condemns us to end this suspension, we would execute the one month’s notice and we would be in the same situation… Except that the summary would no longer be possible.” Which, he says, would mean: “Make your own way and find another printing house…”

In conclusion, Me Morel: “There is no definitive termination of relations, there is suspension and the possibility of resuming if you leave your workers, your company and Mr. Chane Pane alone. If you want to insult Mr. Chane Pane, we have to change.” printers!”

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