Multiple partners, lack of condoms… Benjamin Mendy speaks for the first time at his trial

This is the testimony everyone has been waiting for months at the trial of Benjamin Mendy since the player has finally spoken. World champion in 2018 with the France team, the footballer is accused by 7 different women of 8 rapes and an attempted rape and sexual assault for events that allegedly took place between October 2018 and August 2021. After spending a few months in prison last year, he was released and his trial was able to start last August. For now, the jury has been able to glimpse the psychological profile of the 28-year-old player, as well as Louis Saha Matturie (no link to former player Louis Saha), accused alongside him and considered his accomplice.

A specially publicized trial and during which several testimonies of the plaintiffs revealed similar stories from evenings in the superb villa of Benjamin Mendy. At the moment, the Frenchman has always declared himself innocent of the charges against him and yesterday, for the first time, he was able to defend himself against him, starting by talking about his relationship with women. After becoming a soccer star with his arrival at Olympique de Marseille in 2016, his life has completely changed. “I’m not Brad Pitt. I know that women do not come to me because of my appearance, but because football gives access to so many things.. And he multiplied by ten in the Manchester City (his last club of him)”.explains the athlete.

It was normal to have sex with several women on the same night

Benjamin Mendy also does not hide that he likes to make love with many women and this for a long time. “I grew up with this way of doing in the training center (in Le Havre), where it was normal to have sex with several women on the same night”he continues, before discussing his relationship with condoms: “It’s not nice to say it, but the fact is that I wasn’t worried (not to put any). knew the risks. When asked by one of the lawyers what he is most ashamed of, Benjamin Mendy is ashamed. “I can’t shout that I like sex. It’s not natural to say it out loud.”, concludes this day rich in lessons. A testimony that lasted about an hour, the player having to speak again this Tuesday morning.

Benjamin Mendy is presumed innocent of the charges against him until the final ruling in this case.

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