Need For Speed ​​​​Unbound: Finally gameplay and customization!

game news Need For Speed ​​​​Unbound: Finally gameplay and customization!

After leaks of all kinds, Unbound, the next installment in the Need For Speed ​​saga, was the subject of a great presentation by Electronic Arts. Unfortunately, the latter was stingy with the in-game visuals. Today, this bug is fixed!

From customization and gameplay to the program

Despite dozens of leaks and the recent presentation of Electronic Arts, Need for Speed ​​​​Unbound, the successor to NFS Heat, remained very mysterious… well, until today. The publisher has just released a new video. (available at the top of the article), where we can see several expected elements of the game, starting with vehicle customization, but also driving.

Let’s start with customization! In Need For Speed ​​​​Unbound we imagine that it will once again be possible to modify your cars from the rims, through the spoiler, through the different decorations that can be created from A to Z. But surely you have noticed it when The game was revealed on October 6, this Need For Speed ​​Unbound comes with a unique art direction where you can directly see eye-catching effects integrating racing. During drifts or when activating the nitro, effects, such as smoke or Street Art, will be produced on the screen to invigorate the set. Today, thanks to the short video, we learn that these effects will be fully customizable.

This short excerpt from Need For Speed ​​Unbound also lets you see more of the gameplay that seems, like previous episodes, to give drifting pride of place. We imagine that performing drifts, for example, will fill our boost gauge.

Need For Speed ​​​​Unbound: Finally gameplay and customization! Need For Speed ​​​​Unbound: Finally gameplay and customization!

an imminent release

If you’re waiting for Need For Speed ​​Unbound with a steady foot, be aware that it will be available quickly. In fact, the Electronic Arts and Criterion Games game will be playable on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S before the end of the year, more precisely, from next December 2. In other words, it will happen quickly.

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