No More Heroes III – The Superbowl doesn’t need to find a Touchdown

Finally ! Lastly, we find the adventures of Travis Touchdown, back on Microsoft’s American console from No More Heroes: Paradise, an adaptation of the first Wii work. The wait was worth it? Sure it is for fans of Suda 51 and the whole pop culture, for others…

Above all, No More Heroes and its hero Travis Touchdown are inseparable from their creator Suda 51 and his studio Grasshopper Manufacture (Lollipop Chainsaw, Sine Mora or Shadow of the Damned). If we had to transpose Suda 51 to the cinema, it would be equivalent to a Tarantino or a Robert Rodríguez for that love for pop culture, the 7th art, aesthetics, with a carefree humor like yours usually floods you. . Which therefore explains that aura that Suda has over the entire world video game community and not just in Japan.

To save you have to go to the WC

No more guesswork, let’s move on to No More Heroes III. Travis Touchdown, a hooligan-leaning otaku with his Renaud-worthy perfect (was “Laisse concrete,” not the current “Laisse Ricard” era) buys a lightsaber on eBay and becomes an assassin. To do this, he must climb the ladder of the murder hierarchy until he becomes the number 1 murderer. Here, he will have to do better: become the number one murderer in the universe.

German flexibility but Japanese style

The story begins with a boy who finds an alien and collects it. They become friends and the boy helps the ET get home, without a phone. The alien promises to return in 20 years. Our young man grows up and becomes the CEO of a large company that has control over political decisions and connections to various governments. Our alien, Jess Baptiste 6th of the name, returns as agreed and oh hell, he is not so Kawaï anymore and has decided to destroy the universe accompanied by these 10 interstellar assassins.

The 10 killers are all gold.

You guessed it easily: who’s going to do all the work? Travis of course, finally Touchdown. Silvia Krystel, the perverts will have recognized the reference, will allow you this time to finish in the Top 1 of interstellar killers. The game is in the form of an open world. Chapters like a Netflix series with credits reminiscent of both the Japanese version of our childhood cartoons and the Grinhouse side of Death Boulevard or Planet Terror.

Travis’s kitty: Jeane obviously speaking

The game abounds in winks, I repeat it again, of WTF elements that no video game today can match. To have the right to fight against one of our opponents present in the ranking of our video game-style Kill Bill, you will have 3 essential fights and secondary missions to earn money and deserve your “entry” to face your rival of the moment: mowing the lawn , unclogging toilets, picking up litter, enforcing road safety like Taito’s Chase HQ game… which avoids monotony and brings a smile to the weakness of these jobs or, as the game calls them: volunteer but paid.

Unclogging the toilet… no dirty work for Travis

The game is therefore fun, we have fun with all decorum but even if it’s optimized for Xbox Series X|S… the game is really pitiful from a game/technical aspect. An empty open world, I had delays in the appearance of textures, visually it seems that the game has stayed in 2010, HD and more. We meet 3 people in their open world, it’s like Riggs’ testing assignment for an Atari game remake. The open world is clearly not on the level of a game from Rockstar, Ubisoft or CD Projekt. But fiendishly bloody with this side off the beaten track by Western AAA. So for the neophytes, lovers of Godard’s cinema, of a literature licked and folded by the café de flore, of modern games both in their graphics and in their playability… follow your path. If like me you grew up in a world with anime, Takashi Miike’s cinema for example, where your thing is the humorous side of bof and old school video games… you’ll be asking for more and adoring director Suda Goichi.

the lightsaber

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