North Korea launches new ballistic missiles

North Korea launches new ballistic missiles

At a train station in Seoul, a television screen broadcasts a news program about North Korea's missile launch on October 6, 2022.

This is the seventh and eighth in less than two weeks: North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles on the night of Saturday 8 to Sunday 9 October, reports the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, quoted by the news agency Yohnap. The Japanese prime minister’s office confirmed the shooting on Twitter. “North Korea has carried out an alleged launch of a ballistic missile. More details will follow »they said.

The missiles appear to have landed outside of Japan’s exclusive economic zone, Japanese government officials said, and according to the Japanese coast guard, no damage to a Japanese ship was reported.

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The nuclear energy “irreversible”

The missile launches are part of a record year of weapons tests by North Korea, which leader Kim Jong-un has declared a nuclear power. “irreversible”, thus ending the possibility of denuclearization talks. Pyongyang fired an intermediate-range ballistic missile on Japan on Tuesday, where the affected populations had to seek refuge.

North Korea justified this series of tests by the “military threats” Americans and issued a new press release in which he stated “follow very closely the extremely worrying evolution of the current situation”in reference to the deployment of the US aircraft carrier USS ronald reagan during joint maneuvers between the United States and South Korea in which a Japanese destroyer participated. These joint exercises between Seoul and Washington arouse the ire of Pyongyang, considering the North Korean regime as rehearsals for an invasion.

Analysts say Pyongyang has taken advantage of the deadlock at the United Nations to carry out increasingly provocative weapons tests. Furthermore, Seoul and Washington have been warning for months that Pyongyang will conduct another nuclear test, likely after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) congress on October 16.

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Le Monde with AP, AFP and Reuters

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