Nutrichamps, a fun game that talks about agriculture and nutrition

[bref] Marion Asplanato, a dietitian by profession, created Nutrichamps, a board game that raises awareness of agricultural practices and the impact of food on health. Far from being moralizing, the game allows you to test your knowledge (sometimes unsuspected) and learn others. Marcelle tried it and had a great time.

Eating better, eating well, eating balanced… At a time when “healthy” is on everyone’s lips, it is clear that ignorance and preconceived ideas continue to be numerous when it comes to food. Marion Asplanato made her her fight. A dietitian for ten years, she likes to find fun ways to pass on her knowledge to her patients. An argument with a farmer “It brings me the idea of ​​creating an educational support that addresses agriculture and nutrition”, as she likes to say. Two years later, his Nutrichamps board game is available.

Each player must answer questions to earn points that allow them to buy food to complete their balanced meal © Agathe Perrier

Play and challenge opponents.

The objective of a game is simple. Each player starts with a goal to accomplish: buy food to balance their food (also gives ideas for cooking). To do this, they advance on a board and earn points by answering questions on different topics (nutrition, agriculture, climate, etc.). Some examples in the anthology of 264 letters: what is rare in a list of four foods (three legumes and a cereal), what is the season of this or that vegetable, what insect does a plant need to push…? “This allows everyone to become aware of their knowledge and learn from others. Children can play independently from the age of 8, or even earlier with an adult. slides Marion Asplanato.

To spice up the game, a “challenge a player” box has been integrated into the board. Whoever falls on him challenges an opponent on the subject of his choice. Good strategists obviously go for the one in which their opponent feels less comfortable. Because, after all, there are points to gain… or to lose in case of failure. Which causes situation reversals the way we like them.

Nutrichamps is available to order online or via social media © DR

A “travel” version in the works

Marion Esplanato’s only regret in this business venture is having been forced to produce Nutrichamps in China. “No company in France or in Europe wanted to make only 1,000 boxes. Also, since the game was made from cardboard and paper, no factory could have created it from A to Z.” she regrets However, she has not abandoned the idea of ​​relocating in the future a production that she has financed entirely with her own funds.

Marion Asplanato promotes her game herself, it is impossible to position it in stores due to the excessive margins applied. But the designer still manages to find her audience. She also regularly participates in events, the next one, the Learning Game, will take place in Istres on October 14 (bonds).Their game attracts both individuals and dietetic professionals or schools and educational structures. “I have been asked to lead workshops there with the children. I would like to develop this aspect in the future, especially since children are very receptive”. The idea of ​​launching a travel version is also maturing to be able to transport the game more easily. In any case, it is a good gift to slip under the tree in a few months, for those who are already thinking about it.


  • Where to find Nutrichamps – Sort and find the news of the game on Facebook, Instagram or its website. Price: 45 euros.
  • A fair dedicated to educational games – See you this October 14, 2022 in Istres for the Meeting of the Learning Game. It brings together many creators of games that promote pedagogy, awareness, training, learning, integration, assimilation and communication. Nutrichamps will be there. Click here for all the information.

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