“Nymphomaniac whores”: the sexist insults of the students scandalize Spain

A viral video scandalized Spain this Thursday, even causing the reaction of the Prime Minister. Inside, young students from a Madrid university residence launch a torrent of sexist and sexual insults against the girls’ residence opposite. “Bitches, come out of your rabbit holes, you nympho bitches, I promise you all are going to (be) fucked,” can be heard in the 30-second video. The insults are delivered very clearly by a male voice, from a building after dark.

This young man then shouts “Allez Ahuja” (name of the Elias Ahuja residence). In a perfectly timed movement, dozens of the building’s shutters open, revealing several silhouettes in each window who begin howling animal sounds.

The video was filmed from the student residence across the street, the Colegio Mayor Santa Mónica, occupied by girls. Having gone viral on social networks, where it caused a scandal after its publication during the night from Wednesday to Thursday, this video reacted to the president of the socialist government, Pedro Sánchez. “We cannot tolerate this type of behavior that generates hatred and harms women. (…) Enough of machismo! he said on Twitter.

Expulsion of several students involved

Asked about this matter in Prague, where he is participating in the summit of EU leaders and their continental counterparts, Sánchez then launched an “appeal to all political parties and the media (…) so that we send a united response (…) of I reject these macho, inexplicable, unjustified and absolutely disgusting behaviors.”

“Sex education classes are what the students of this residence need,” said the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, denouncing the “culture of rape and sexual terror that turns women into sexual objects.”

The management of the Colegio Mayor Elias Ahuja was quick to condemn the “unacceptable expressions of a group of neighbors” and to present their “public apologies to both the management and the students of the Santa Mónica residence”, before announcing the expulsion of several students involved.

Inaugurated in 1969, this residence is located on the campus of the prestigious Complutense University of Madrid. A room there costs about 1,100 euros a month. The former number one of the Popular Party (PP), the main formation of the right-wing opposition, Pablo Casado was one of his neighbors during his studies.

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