Olympic champion Clément Noël considers the attribution of the Asian Winter Games to Saudi Arabia “absurd”

The Olympic slalom champion also attacked the International Ski Federation on Monday, not caring enough about the environment, according to him.

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The Olympic slalom champion, Clément Noël, did not beat around the bush, on Monday, October 10, during a press conference. Asked about the decision to organize the Asian Winter Games in Saudi Arabia, but also about the impact of global warming, the Olympic slalom champion in Beijing 2022 gave his opinion very clearly.

“It’s absurd to put (Asian Winter Games) there”launched Clément Noël, six days after the 2029 edition of the competition was awarded to Neom, a futuristic megalopolis under construction in the mountainous desert in the northwest of the oil-rich Gulf state. “From an ecological point of view it looks like a disaster, but I don’t know enough about the project to talk about it. I know the sporting aspect and at this level Saudi Arabia has no business in sporting circles.” “The mountain, no one watches that, no one does that. Skiers, we want to compete in places steeped in the history of our sports. It’s disappointing to see Games in countries that don’t have a mountain culture.”

Asked about the impact of global warming on their sport, the Vosges asked if the habits “change, with our own authorities, to contain this global warming in adequate proportions”.

“The International Ski Federation (FIS) should already take the problem head on. We have the impression that we never hear about the environment at the FIS. The first measure would be to adapt the program to cover as few kilometers as possible during the season. , of not going back and forth between the United States and Europe, of not adding stages in China because they want to promote their mountain. Let the FIS propose and we will be the first to get involved. But we alone cannot boycott events that are too far away. My job is still to perform well on skis in winter“, the 25-year-old Frenchman concluded. The Ski World Cup kicks off its season at the end of the month in Soelden, Austria.

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