OM-Sporting and Benfica-PSG: Two crucial duels in the Champions League for France’s UEFA index

Side by side with Portugal in the UEFA index, France has its six representatives in the Champions League, Europa League and Europa League Conference to consolidate its fifth place in the European ranking this week, in particular through the two French duels. , OM-Sporting on Tuesday (6:45 p.m.) and Benfica-Paris SG on Wednesday (9:00 p.m.).

Briefly relegated to sixth after a poor 2020-21 season, France have since moved up to fifth place, bolstered by a strong collective performance in 2021-2022, but remain under double threat from Portuguese and Dutch clubs.

Champions League

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A very lackluster start to the European season for France

And the results of the first two rounds of the European group stage don’t help much: only PSG won both of their meetings, while Marseille lost twice in C1. On the C3 side, Rennes has a win and a draw, Nantes and Monaco a win and a loss. Finally, in C4, Nice chained two draws. Before the third day, France, with 60,081 points, is well behind the untouchable quartet England/Spain/Italy/Germany, while Portugal has 53,382 points and the Netherlands 49,300.

For this “country coefficient” calculated over the current season and the previous four, the French representatives can still widen the gap as they continue to compete, while Portugal only has four clubs out of six after the elimination of Gil Vicente and Vitoria Guimarães in C4. Because a slip to sixth place at the end of the season would mean French clubs would miss out on a direct ticket to the Europa League group stage.

“If it continues like this, Haaland will finish with 76 goals… in the league!”

Attention danger by 2024

In this scenario, the club that would finish fifth in Ligue 1 in the spring of 2023 would qualify for the less prestigious Europa League Conference, as sixth in the championship. The fourth would continue to qualify directly for the Europa League groups, and the top three for the Champions League (with knockouts for the third).

And for Ligue 1, the stakes will be even higher from 2024-2025: in the new 36-team format of the Champions League, the fifth country in the UEFA index will benefit from three direct qualifiers for the hens of C1, plus a fourth club that plays the preliminary rounds. A crucial perspective for the French clubs, which must therefore consolidate their fifth place to stay in the wake of the best nations, knowing that a sixth place and a lower number of classifieds in C1 would mathematically limit the future progression of the French index. …and the economic future of its L1 clubs.

UEFA Index as of October 3

  • 1. England 106.41 points
  • 2. Spain 96,141
  • 3. Italy 76,902
  • 4. Germany 75,213
  • 5. France 60,081
  • 6.Portugal 53,382
  • 7. Netherlands 49,300

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