On the associative and professional side, the Conservatoire du Jeu team has good news to announce

After two years of Covid, where gaming came to a complete standstill, the life of the Game Conservatory is gradually resuming. If the situation, especially in the balance of finances, is still not in good shape, the good news has fallen. The Point with its co-founder David Demoulin.

Where to start in this list that has been growing over the days since May?

Well, for the one who occupied the ranks of the Conservatoire du Jeu for six long years: the search for a place. Store in the past. Phew! David Demoulin shows a wide smile. Starting on Friday, October 7, on two Friday nights a month (every fortnight, starting at 8:00 p.m.), the Conservatoire du Jeu, with its wide range of games for all ages, is installed on the 1st floor of the associative café Le Pot Commun, rue de la Jonction.

premium Le Pot common meeting place: a new associative cafe in Nevers

“They contacted us and offered themselves. We thank you. We have four rooms available, one of which will be dedicated to storage. Everything is new. We join the associative coffee. And we will share in the energy costs.” Ideas are not lacking to liven up these evenings. “We are very happy to have a local. We really want to put on fun and festive moments.”

The two Fridays will be divided as follows: one night in the room and the second, the members of the Hunting Conservatory will settle in the bar for evenings of discovery that will then continue on the 1st floor, in the room. The November evenings will be dedicated to game authors-designers in the company of Anthony Brémond and Christophe Leclercq.

The structure is the largest collection of games in Europe with 13,000 pieces

Another long-awaited event: the Night of the Game, 6th edition, returns to the Salle des Eduens on Saturday, November 19, from 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. “We have a strong mobilization of members. We would like to stay in the dynamics of the Fêtes du Jeu that were held at the end of May in Salengro Park. We had to pass 1,000 people throughout the day. We will therefore meet the Conservatoire du Jeu team on Saturday May 27 for the 2023 Faîtes du jeu meeting.

Another chapter: that of the conservation of the playful heritage and incidentally two good news that are added. The structure now has 13,000 generalist game pieces in its collection. Complete box that makes it “the largest collection in Europe”.

Seen by a Parisian museum

The Game Conservatory was also discovered by a Parisian museum manager to create a national institute for the preservation of gaming heritage. This fits perfectly with the statutory objective of the association. “We will be in contact with the Ministry of Culture to see if we can implement this. I did the first videoconference last week. We cross our fingers”, develops David Demoulin.

premium Leisure The Nevers Hunting Conservatory, a unique structure in France

This one can’t top all these projects getting off the ground. “It’s incredible. We are happy, proud. This is what we have been waiting for since we created the Conservatoire du Jeu.” However, the latter is not carried away. “Nothing is done. Maybe nothing happens, but at least you put one foot in the gear.”

Which opens a great door to other perspectives. “We have many other projects. It’s not all figured out yet.” Just one example? Murder Parties are expected to make a comeback in 2023.

The agenda of the professional part is filling up well

The professional component of the Conservatoire du Jeu is off to a great start.

It’s simple: “Everyone loves us”, David Demoulin, in a great laugh, found the right formula. In addition, he took the opportunity to send a small message: “I didn’t have time to call everyone back.”

For this reason, a multitude of interventions have been launched, in equally diverse structures, such as the Nevers prison, “where we have intervened since May, every two weeks.” Actions, many of which are not open to the public.

The domestic violence crime scene (developed with France Victimes 58) should be deployed throughout France. “We play it regularly in schools.”

The first participants in the serious game France Victimes 58 on domestic violence

On Friday, January 20, a crime scene will take over the media library. “It is a new scenario written especially for the media library about the history of the building. It will be fantastic with ghosts of people who have lived in this building with a long history.”

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