“Out of date for TV”, the violent self-censorship of Apolline de Malherbe!

She is the face of RMC’s political interviewer. We see her bellicose and tenacious in front of her guests, often experienced in the art of the language of wood. But Apolline de Malherbe never gives up. At 42 years old, the journalist leads a life at a hundred miles per hour in her professional environment but also… personal! Because the least we know is that she is also the consummate mother of four children, whom she fiercely protects from any media exposure. Last April, she confided to the magazine “Femme Actuelle”: “For a long time I pretended that there was no problem and that I had things under control. Now dare I say it’s a big mess, but a happy mess! I try to give them the few moments I can give them. Right now in my life there is work and family,” she explained candidly, often overwhelmed by an overloaded double schedule.

Asked by the magazine “Elle” on October 6, the beautiful brunette then confided her apprehension about the passage of time and that it could have an impact on her career, which she loves to carry out to the beat of the drum.

“I dreamed for a long time to be 45”

“I know that, one day, I will go on a date on TV,” he analyzes. I hope to work as long as possible, because I have the opportunity to love my work, but it must be said what it is: an old journalist, it is chic. An old journalist, we sign her less frequently”. “Concerned” by the fact of “aging physically”, the journalist takes the opportunity to point out the sexism that reigns in the professions of media exposure. Barely 42 years old, she nonetheless remembers how she imagined her future life when she was very young: “For a long time I dreamed of being 45 years old. I told myself: at 45, the time is right, the children will grow up, I will be able to breathe. I said to myself: at 45, maybe from time to time, I will sit on the couch and be able to relax, ”she adds. “Well, I am 42 years old and I rarely sit on the couch. Because’there are always something to do: work, something unexpected, a child who needs attention”. A fighter on all fronts, Apolline de Malherbe has now achieved a form of serenity, managing to combine all her commitments by focusing “on the essentials”: ​​“Honestly, it suits me very well (…) I am very happy as long as I have some time to they.” But let her be reassured, Apolline still has very good years ahead of her, much to the delight of her loyal viewers.

long live france

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