Overwatch 2: Two Heroes Removed From Roster, Bugs Continue To Plague Game Launch!

game news Overwatch 2: Two Heroes Removed From Roster, Bugs Continue To Plague Game Launch!

We can’t say that launching Overwatch 2 was easy! After server issues and hacks, now Blizzard is accidentally blocking access to some of the heroes as two of them return to development.

The release of Overwatch 2 is almost a novel in itself. If you follow the news about Blizzard’s famous shooter, you know the story! Confusing server issues with long queues, cosmetics that aren’t necessarily part of the game, cyberattacks, and as icing on the cake, a cell phone number dual authentication controversy. It’s very simple, since the start of the FPS, on October 4, 2022, Blizzard applies to Solve these problems step by step.. However, the road still seems long. Yes, Overwatch 2 needs some tweaking.

Heroes Bastion and Torbjorn removed from Overwatch 2

You’ve probably seen these videos on Twitter, where content creators are having fun with some of Overwatch 2’s originality. Hero Mei, for example, is abnormally delayed when climbing her ice wall. We also thought of Bastion, whose ultimate allows you to chain shots in total injustice! Blizzard is well aware of this.

Just today, the company announced that the characters Bastion and Torbjörn (whose overload can sometimes be used twice in a row) back to development, time to solve your problems. “Bastion will not be available in all game modes for a certain period, while Torbjörn will still be playable in quickplay,” Blizzard (Twitter) commented here. At the moment, we do not know at all how long this period will last.

Public interest message. Bastion and Torbjörn will be taking a quick tour of the workshop while we fix some bugs in their skill sets.

Other Overwatch 2 heroes mistakenly removed

As if that were not enough, Blizzard has also created a new problem. Many players can’t now He no longer accesses a good part of the heroesas reported Kotaku. “Half of my roster is inaccessible,” says, for example, a user on Twitter. The number of characters in question can vary depending on the level of each one. “This is due to a problem with our servers. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.” explain Snow storm. All in all, it probably won’t help the business of Overwatch 2, recently attacked on Metacritic with very negative reviews. Obviously, the second work is far from satisfying the demands of the fans, marked by a first episode that done date in the history of FPS shooting game. Who knows, maybe this sequel will be better in the future.

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