Overwatch 2: “What a shame”, “joke of the year”… Players dismantle the game and sink its Metacritic rating

game news Overwatch 2: “What a shame”, “joke of the year”… Players dismantle the game and sink its Metacritic rating

A few days ago, Overwatch 2 took over from its eldest, which players had to say goodbye to after more than six years of good and loyal service. On the Activision-Blizzard side, we were more than happy with the free-to-play release of this sequel, but, inevitably with the American publisher, nothing went as planned and the protest ensued. Players, more than irritated, reserved an anything but warm welcome to the title, which caused its Metacritic rating to plummet.


  • Overwatch 2, a catastrophic launch
  • A Metacritic score close to 0

Overwatch 2, a catastrophic launch

With the release ofsurveillance 2the developers had the ambition to satisfy the players above all and allow them to find the sensations ofSupervisionand much more, in an improved version. The three new heroinesSojourn, the Queen of the Junkers and Kiriko, were on the starting grid and awaited a standing ovation from the public: first dream steps that turned into a nightmare. The reason ? A problematic launch where the hiccups were chained bubbling the anger of the players whose discontent was heard more and more. Not even a week has passed and this sequel must already take out the oars to recover its image, seriously tarnished by various factors and, in particular, by for this scandal around double authentication.

Overwatch 2:

Overwatch may have impacted the gaming world, the players do not have the ambition to spare the errors of this title, both in its mechanics and in its communication. So much so that the title has aroused the ire of the most virulent players who did not hesitate to raise their voices by orchestrating a new review-bombing, almost a year after the one experienced by the publisher with Call of Duty: Vanguard. In the space of six days, the game was completely destroyed (and even in the literal sense!). At this very moment, Overwatch 2 is under attack from Metacritic gamers who aren’t going there with the back of the spoon to speak their minds about this sequel.

In the space of six days, players who have managed to get around connection and queuing issues have managed to form their own opinions on surveillance 2. in metacriticalone hundred of them posted an encouraging review, but in the end it is just a drop in the ocean of hatred that hangs over this sequel since the title currently accumulates more than 1,200 extremely unfavorable opinions -1,235, to be more exact- and sees its global rating plummet.. The zeros and the notes of “1” are linked and, contrary to the average opinion of the press, it is not very encouraging. Currently, and collecting more than 1400 reviews, the average user rating on Metacritic is 1.4 out of 10.

Overwatch 2: Overwatch 2:

Beyond the killer notes that the Activision-Blizzard title collects, it is the arguments of the players that leave their mark on the launch of the free-to-play. Among the comments, some are surprised that the game is presented as ” a new title so few are the news, while others are angry with excessive grinding needed to get your hands on a legendary skin. The anger levels up and players get to use strong words saying that the developers ” I should be ashamed “, namely ” the biggest joke of the year “, which is neither more nor less than” of a waste of time » as well as a « disappointment “developed by a company” who should sit in a trash can “.

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