Overwhelming figures for Evenepoel?

A site specializing in the study of runners’ watts, Chronowatts was interested in the case of Remco Evenepoel, an impressive winner of the Vuelta.

Remco Evenepoel’s performances in the Vuelta left their mark. The 22-year-old prodigy, the first Belgian to win a Grand Tour, triumphed in competition, both during the timed races, his favorite terrain, as well as in the mountains, experiencing just two mild red flags over the three weeks. In the end, after having essentially controlled during the third week, the Quick-Step rider finished with just over two minutes ahead of Enric Mas and almost 5 minutes over the young Juan Ayuso.

Like Jonas Vingegaard and Jumbo-Visma, Remco Evenepoel came out with thinly veiled innuendos of doping. Doping killer in cycling, Antoine Vayer did not stop pointing the finger at the young Belgian. “A-HU-RI-SSANT”, he wrote before detailing his readings: “Evenepoel 4.45 km 8.8% in 12’09”-480 WE 6.95 w/kg. A pass of 12′ at 480 WE is already extraordinary, at the end of the climb of a pass of 27min, crazy. Las Praeres, 3.8km – 13.17%. RECORD 14’56”. 462 WE, 6.65 w/kg. 10″ best S.Yachts in 2018.”

Actions that question

The Chronowatts website, with which the Festina coach also collaborates, has delivered an exhaustive study of Remco Evenepoel’s performance in the Vuelta. And it is clear that the new king of the Belgians signed sacred numbers such as the 479 standard watts developed during 12min09sec in the last stretch of Collau Fancuaya, circulating at 21.58 km/h with a gradient of 8.81%. Other features to choose from, those achieved in the difficult climb of Les Praeres (3.75 km at 13.17%), where it produces 444 standard watts for 15min30sec, or during the ascent to Pico Jano with 441 standard watts (6.3 w /kg if 64 kg) for 30min07sec.

According to the specialists, during the mountain stages, powers greater than 410 watts may seem suspicious. When they go above 430 watts, they become miraculous. Finally, above 450 watts, they fall into the “Mutant” category and necessarily raise questions.

Keep in mind that Remco Evenepoel isn’t the only one to show off staggering power numbers. Taking into account the four main ascents of this Vuelta, while the Belgian prodigy registered an average of 427 watts, his second, Enric Mas, followed him with 425 watts and Primoz Roglic registered 423 watts before being forced to retire. After them, the Spanish prodigies José Ayuso and Carlos Rodríguez complete the Top 5 in this field with 421 and 416 watts.

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