Part of the French cinema, in full doubt, asks for “Estates General”

Disaffection of the public, chronology of the media, suffering of the art houses… A collective made up mostly of independents, worried”,sound the alarm in the name of movie loveand appeals to public authorities.

Faced with a drop in attendance at dark theaters since the pandemic, part of the French cinema asked this Thursday “general states», worrying about the future of a unique financing system in the world.

Gathered outside the official professional institutions of the sector, this informal group, made up in particular of the self-employed, is concerned that public administrations, which have massively supported the sector economically since the start of the pandemic and avoided bankruptcies, prefer “support the industrial tool rather than the creation mechanisms“. Small structures and auteur cinema are the first victims of public disaffection. About a third of viewers are still missing from theaters, and theaters had a dark September with 7.32 million admissions, the most low since the 1980s and the beginning of the statistics -with the exception of 2020-.

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Another threat: the still burning issue of media chronology and the integration of platforms in the French system. East “chronology» regulates the dates on which films can be broadcast, in streaming and on television in particular, in the months following their theatrical release. In full renegotiation of the file, Disney threatens to deprive French cinemas of receipts for their next blockbuster Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverwhich will be out on November 9 but could go straight to Disney+.

In this context, “it was time to sound the alarm in the name of love of cinemasaid producer Judith Lou Lévy (Les Films du Bal), explaining that “These concerns are not new“.”It is not rational to work so hard on our films if we no longer have the certainty of releasing them within three or five years… There we are! It will lack money, independent distributors, theaters…“, Elisabeth Pérez (Chaz Producciones) abounded. “We come to warn about a system that has kept cinema alive in France for decades, and from which we take a little more of its oxygen every day.added director Axelle Ropert (Petite Solange). “There are many signs to question our options and goals for the future.“of the cinema but also”culture and cultural policy” usually.

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