Personality test: Tell us how you walk and find out how confident you are.

Each individual has different character traits that can be detected through personality exercises. These tools can bring to light hidden facets of your personality. This personality test that we offer you is the key to knowing the degree of self-confidence that you show in your day to day life. Your walking posture will reveal whether or not you believe in your resources.

Posture reveals a lot about a person’s personality. In the case of the following test, its objective is to identify the degree of confidence of each individual thanks to the posture they adopt when walking.

Find below an illustration that exposes different ways of walking. Look carefully at each image and identify the posture that corresponds to the way you move on a daily basis. It is essential to remember that you must provide an honest answer in order for the personality test to be the most accurate.

Personality test: the answers

Body language reflects character traits and you can learn more about yourself by analyzing your different postures. Thanks to this personality test, you will know more about your level of self-confidence.

posture 1

The trunk slightly backwards indicates that you are a cautious person. A situation worries you, so you take a step back to avoid bad decisions. To have the clearest ideas, it would be good if you shared your fears with someone you trust.

posture 2

This seemingly straight posture, also marked by the back bending outwards, shows that you have great self-confidence. You believe in your judgments and your instincts to solve a problem. Ambitious and courageous, you are ready to take on all challenges, whatever the difficulties.

Posture 3

This pose is characterized by the back curving slightly inward. This reveals that in most cases you have very little confidence in yourself. Fear of failure stresses you daily. In order to move forward, you must learn to have more confidence in your resources.

Posture 4

Head slightly forward is the posture of a person who likes to give more to others. However, due to your shyness, you tend to isolate yourself.

Posture 5

This completely upright posture reveals that you are a person of trust and that you exude security. You act smart and don’t take big risks.

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