PHOTO Camélia Jordana: face lifted, wears fresh and ultra-effective makeup at Paris Fashion Week

Properly applied, makeup can become a rejuvenating weapon. The proof, the face of Camélia Jordana seems to completely ignore the laws of gravity. A true atomic bomb at Fashion Week, the singer achieves the perfect rejuvenating beauty look!

At just 30 years old, Camélia Jordana is far from needing a Facelift to rejuvenate your features. But the intensity of Fashion Week and its hundreds of events can make all the pretty plants in Paris look tired. Camélia Jordana’s lethal weapon? A make-up with an instant lifting effect that open your eyes and sculpt your face to perfection. And aside from being downright glamorous, her makeup isn’t rocket science. Eyeliner, blush, brows… that is how Camélia Jordana tries to get an immediate lift with her beauty products.

How to lift the face with makeup like Camélia Jordana?

Invited to Valentino spring-summer 2023 showCamélia Jordana landed completely dressed in black and her the apparently sober make-up highlighted her luminous complexion. Actually, the singer opted for a beauty treatment worked and destined to sculpt your face and make it perfectly chiseled.
And it starts with the complexion. Fresh, light, imperceptible… Camélia Jordana skips contouring for a sober make-up. A simple touch of blush stretched outwards from the face gives you the perfect dose of color for a healthy glow. The most interesting work is at eye level. The corrector is not only deposited on the ring but worked outwards to lengthen the eyes as much as possible. Since this is the area that often appears to be the most tired, jordanian camellia she opted for an eyeliner designed to lengthen the look and stretch it towards the face. Her iridescent eyeshadow illuminates the movable lid and inner corner of the eye while the comma of her eyeliner extends her natural line upwards. To enhance the lifting effect, she adds a line of eyeliner under the eye without the two lines meeting. East the space left uncovered gives the impression of frankly enlarged eyes. Her barely noticeable nude lipstick draws attention to the upper part of the face and creates the illusion of maximum opening.

Camélia Jordana loves Eyebrow Soaps with a lifting effect

The secret to a completely lifted look? Soap brows, of course. The stretching action of Camélia Jordana’s eyeliner is magnified by the work on her brows. The singer has quite bushy brown eyebrows that allow her to work on them endlessly. Instead of a very drawn bow, she prefers a softer shape with the tip of the brow left blurred to keep your eyes open. the soap brow technique then it consists of working the hair brushing it first upwards and then slightly towards the temple to stretch them as much as possible. The finishing touch? jordanian camellia opt for ultra-collected hair that further accentuates the lifting effect. Sparkly !

Camélia Jordana’s lifting makeup best image
Eyeliner and brow lift by Camélia Jordana instagram

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