Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack – New nocturnal animals are coming to the game

Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack: new nocturnal animals arrive in the game

Twilight Pack

Frontier Developments presents an exciting new expansion for the ultimate zoo simulation, Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack. Players can discover unique species and get into the spirit of Halloween with Planet Zoo: Twilight Packavailable on Steam from October 18, 2022 for an MSRP of 9.99.

Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack invites players into the shadows to welcome five new stealthy species to their zoo. They may house:

  • the raccoonwhose characteristic black mask improves his vision
  • The very cunning red fox and his sharp ear
  • The curious common wombatwhose droppings are cubic
  • The lonely striped skunkwhose pungent odor deters predators
  • The cute fruit bat Egyptianwhose traveling exhibition will thrill visitors when they see them fly over their heads.

In addition to these captivating creatures, zookeepers can get creative with over 200 spooky scenery elements, including castle-inspired building elements like smiling gargoyles or a portcullis. To complete this environment, players have a variety of petrifying plants, such as lodgepole pine, shade-loving ivy, and bioluminescent ghost fungus. They will also be able to share this haunted universe with their guests. using glowing pumpkins and bubbling cauldrons.

Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack it also contains a new immersive racing scenariowhich comes for the first time since the first DLC of Zoo Planet. The keepers will work to transform a mysterious zoo deep in Transylvania, after it hastily abandoned by infamous criminal Dominic Meyers. They will be able to adopt and take care of the most curious animals, build spooky habitats and restore the zoo to its former glory.

Zookeepers will also benefit froma free update to the base game, which brings a number of features and enhancements, including the ability for educators to present exhibits during animal conferences. Along with a host of quality of life updates, players can now get even more creative with their builds through customizable 2D environments and marvel at stunning mottled robes for a fraction of the money.

For full details of the free upgrade, please refer to the link below.

Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack requires base game Zoo Planet to download and play. Zoo Planet is now available on Steam at a suggested retail price of €44.99, Planet Zoo: Deluxe Edition is available at the suggested retail price of €54.99. Also, for those who wish to experience the wonders of Zoo Planet For the first time, Planet Zoo: Definitive Edition is the definitive version of the game, offering all existing DLC.



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