Pokémon GO – More and more studies and testimonials that show the benefits of the game on mental health

Games have come a long way! Indeed, it seems that the video game has managed, year after year, to gradually recover its image in the scientific community. Denounced for a long time, pointed out and overwhelmed by many, arguing that it was, in essence, harmful to health, it is now a field of innovation and may even become a vector of health. It is on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, October 10, that the Niantic publisher, through its Pokémon GO game, stands out for recent studies and testimonies.

The player can rhyme with health.

First of all, despite what some people think, it is now proven that video games can help and be beneficial for mental health. Indeed, if the turbulent times we have been through have caused many disorders, especially among young people, video games have appeared as a shield against anxiety and the dire consequences of isolation. Furthermore, many gamers feel that video games have helped them preserve their mental health during periods of pandemic isolation. The rest academic research has shown the benefits of location-based gaming, along with other treatments.

Below are the words of Dr Tanja SHWingenbachof the University of Greenwich, whose research specifically addresses this topic :

As humans, we are inherently social and need social interactions whether we realize it or not. Mobile games like Pokémon GO can inspire people to adopt healthy behaviors and have positive effects on their well-being. Covid-19, and the confinements it has caused, have forced us to limit face-to-face interactions, and our study demonstrates the importance of this type of interaction.

In another study, the Dr. Aaron Chengfrom the management department of the LSE found that location-based games can alleviate non-clinical forms of mild depression. In fact, its specificity of promoting outdoor physical activity generates face-to-face social interactions and contact with nature. All of these factors have been identified as having a positive impact on mental health..

Pokémon GO: as a remedy

In this sense, Niantic games seem to be especially relevant. So, Pokémon GO players, for example, have already explored more than 28 billion kilometers. Also, there are 450 million friendly links established since 2016. john hankeDirector of Niantic explain this:

At Niantic, we believe we can use technology to encourage everyone, including us, to get up, walk outside, and connect with the people and world around us.. For us humans it is our reason for being, the result of two million years of evolution, and that is why these are the things that make us happiest. Technology should be used to enhance these foundational experiences, not replace them.

On the occasion of Mental Health Day 2022, it seems very consistent to involve video games in preventive measures, at the very least. In fact, the growing interest in video games around the world (Niantic titles are played in more than 150 countries) makes it a unique medium that can reach this global audience in a positive and meaningful way.

Now discover some testimonials that demonstrate this positive impact:

“Being both autistic and epileptic, being socially and physically active was extremely difficult for me. But Pokémon GO has helped me talk to people and get out there to re-motivate me physically…“encomienda Tommy Monkhouse, a coach Pokémon GO in the United Kingdom. It allowed me to lose 64 kg in a year. A feat he didn’t think was humanly possible. I found the confidence in myself that I had always lacked. And now I have friends in my life that I never would have had without playing this game.”

“Pokémon GO’s daily prompts pushed both of us into a healthy routine of regular 30-minute walks. This has been very positive for our well-being and general happiness.“, claim Yaaya and Ayzo, a couple of players in Germany. “From now on we walk together every day and we see our neighborhood and our city in a different way”.

“Pokémon GO allows me, for a few minutes, to enjoy a moment of relaxation in my own bubble and breathe”said Franck, a French coach.

“As someone who struggles with anxiety, Pokémon GO has been amazing for getting me out there, talking to new people, and making friends.” said Sky, Head of Partnerships at safe in our world in the United Kingdom.

To conclude, testimonials similar to these are flooding in and considerably restoring the image of gaming. at[person]’s house geeknplay, we are delighted to see mentalities evolve in this regard. And you? Come and share your experiences and feelings with us!

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