Prime Minister promises billions of investments for independence

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced on Monday that she plans to invest 20 billion pounds ($22 billion) to build an independent Scotland based on renewable energy, if the British nation decides to leave the United Kingdom. These funds would be invested during the first decade of the existence of an independent Scottish state and would be financed with the oil revenues still present and with the indebtedness, the independence leader indicated this Monday in the congress of her party, the SNP.

“Funds like this can support a massive program to decarbonize housing, lower energy bills and fight poverty,” he said. “They could finance thousands more homes, invest in local renewable energy projects and help communities,” she added. These investments will “ignite the sustainable growth that our newly independent nation will need,” she argued, vowing to achieve carbon neutrality and never allow fracking in Scotland, when London has just lifted its moratorium on the issue.

Judicial pulse with London

The announcements by the Scottish first minister, who has promised to give more details next week, come as she wants to hold a new Scottish independence referendum in the fall of 2023. London is opposed, believing such a vote can only take place once a generation. . Already consulted on the subject in 2014, the Scots had voted 55% to remain within the United Kingdom. But the separatists believe that Brexit has changed the game, as the Scots were 62% opposed and want Scotland to join the European Union as an independent state.

Anticipating a legal showdown with the central government, Nicola Sturgeon took the initiative to seize the Supreme Court, which is due to study this file from Tuesday to determine whether Edinburgh can legislate on the issue without London’s agreement.

However, if it takes place, said referendum will be only “advisory” and London will have to give its agreement for the independence of the Scottish nation. Uncompromising in front of London, Nicola Sturgeon accused the Conservative government of “making worse” the country’s cost-of-living crisis by cutting taxes on the wealthiest and terrorizing markets with vague budget announcements.

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