Prince Andrew addicted to sex: “Every night a different woman in his room”

This is one of the scandals that has hit the monarchy in recent months. When the terrible Jeffrey Epstein affair came to light, what was the Windsor’s surprise to learn that Prince Andrew, supposedly the queen’s favorite son, would have had things to blame. Virginia Giuffre’s testimony was chilling. The young woman was a victim of sex trafficking organized by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, from which Prince Andrew would have benefited. An amicable agreement was reached between the two parties to avoid a trial. But the actions of Beatrice and Eugenie’s father are far from forgotten.

The documentaryPrince Andrew: Banished, broadcast this Thursday, October 6 on the US platform Peacock, revealed other information about the Duke of York. A former press secretary of Elizabeth II, Dickie Arbiter, comes out of silence and his statements regarding Andrew have nothing positive: “The problem is that this man is an idiot. There is always a dwarf in a family, and Andrew was the dwarf of the British royal family.“A royal journalist even goes so far as to claim that the prince is addicted to sex:”What we used to say at dinner parties was that he couldn’t keep his pants up..”

This addiction, Prince Andrew calmed her down by displacing young girls in his apartments. Paul Page, Royal Protection Officer for six years, is still in shock: “We used to joke that he should have installed a revolving door in his room. The amount of women that went in and out of there was incredible. […] A different woman in his room every night.“He even allegedly assaulted a member of staff who had prevented one of them from returning:”Listen, fat man: if you don’t let my guest in, I’m off..”

As a result of this scandal, Queen Elizabeth II had chosen to take away her son’s royal titles and had demanded his withdrawal from the public life of the monarchy. However, sidelined from any official event related to the British crown, Prince Andrew was entitled to an exception after the death of his mother. Authorized to participate in wakes and coffin processions, he too had the right to wear the uniform. The one and last time, no doubt.

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