Prince Andrew thirsty for sex? These incessant comings and goings of women in their apartments

Prince Andrew is the target of a major new controversy. A documentary broadcast this Wednesday, October 6 on the Peacock platform revealed many testimonies about the sulphurous life of Elizabeth II’s son. After his divorce with Sarah Ferguson, the latter would have chained the conquests to a level that could be sick.

New controversy for Prince Andrew. Persecuted by several women for having lent his complicity to Jeffrey Epstein, the son of Elizabeth II has been experiencing a new stir since this Wednesday, October 6. This date was marked by the release of a documentary on the Peacock platform entitled Prince Andrew: Banished. inside, viewers were able to discover many damning testimonies about her intimate life. According to the director, from the moment he divorced Sarah Ferguson in 1992, Prince Harry has chained the conquests. To some extent… unimaginable.

One of the most important speakers in this documentary is Paul Page. This former Royal Protection Officer, who served from 1998 to 2004, said he was surprised by “the number of women visiting his private apartments”. And the least we can say is that he was not the only one to notice all these comings and goings, to say the least strange. “We used to joke that he had to have a revolving door in his room. The number of women coming in and out of there… Literally every other day someone came to see him. There was a different woman every night in his room“, Paul Page continued to tell the Page Six media.

“Prince Andrew Can’t Keep His Pants Closed”

And the least we can say is that Prince Harry didn’t like his security guards getting between him and his lovers. Thus, Paul Page also said that he had provoked the anger of the member of the royal family after having prohibited a stranger from entering the residence of his leader. “Listen to me, fat man: if you don’t let my guest in, I’m off”He would have even punched Prince Harry, totally furious. “He’s just a horrible person. He’s a bully.”the former royal protection officer finally concluded.

In the same documentary, which will be released a few months after the end of his period of exclusivity in Peacock, the journalist Helen Kirwan-Taylor recounted that Prince Andrew used to live up to the nickname that was put on his back: horny andy. “The topic of conversation at several reporters’ dinners is that Andrew can’t drop his pants. He never smoked, took drugs or drank alcohol. But the most important thing… is the sex.. Something to revive the controversy.

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