Prithika Pavade lives an “incredible” experience in China

Qualified for her first Olympic Games at the age of 16 in Tokyo in 2021, crowned champion of France the following year, Prithika Pavade participates for the first time in the Team Worlds, organized in Chengdu in China, the “land of table tennis” , where he has always “dreamed” of experiencing a great competition.

Until the 2024 Paris Games, this great hope of the hexagonal ‘ping’ recounts his journey to AFP. In this sixth episode, he explains how these World Championships, organized in a health bubble context due to Covid, can allow him to go one step further to continue “in the same dynamic as that of the European Championships” where the Bleues had won a historical medal.

“I’ve always dreamed of competing in China and at the world championships, it’s clearly a big competition, so you inevitably feel like it. There are ads everywhere… It’s still amazing, even if it’s in a particular context,” he explains. Pavade. before a decisive match on Tuesday against Brazil with a view to qualifying for the round of 16.

With the World Table Tennis Championships, China is hosting the first major sporting event on its soil since the Winter Olympics in Beijing last February. “It is the first sport to have a competition in China since the start of the pandemic. It’s super flattering for us”, stresses the Saint-Denis table tennis player.

In November 2016, Pavade had already had a first experience in China during an internship at Baiyin where she was able to measure herself “against the best” in her age category. She then she was “impressed by the” rigor “of the young Chinese, “their way of training” and “all that she put in place to make them successful”.

– ‘A little upset’ –

In Chengdu, for the group stage, Les Bleues have avoided China and have had a promising run so far, dominating South Africa (3-0) and Italy (3-0) and causing problems in Hong Kong (loss by 3 -2), one of the best teams in the world.

“Certainly there is Hong Kong, but our group is playable,” emphasizes Pavade, who is close to the top 100 in the world (110 before the World Cup).

“The challenge is to continue in the same dynamic as during the last European team championships where we won a historic medal”, he continues referring to the route of the Blue in Romania a year ago. In Cluj, the Frenchman, who finished third, had achieved his first podium finish in the competition since 1962.

Personally, Pavade’s goal will also be to “find freshness” after “a difficult period” during which he made adjustments to his game.

Heading to the Games: Prithika Pavade lives an experience

“We’re trying to make progress on an aspect of my game that’s more of a flaw so all of a sudden, it’s not all messed up, it’s kind of upside down. There are things that advance, others that regress. It is so. all the time, we try to progress. After that, it’s up to me to find the right pieces of the puzzle to make it do something good,” he concludes.

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