Qatar’s crazy rules for the 2022 World Cup

What’s next after this announcement?

Laws in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup

“Much of the penal code is based on Sharia, it is useful to be aware of this”we can read in particular in the long document of 16 pages entitled “Qatar – What to do and what not to do in 2022”, published by the organizing committee of the 2022 World Cup. The document mentions the rules to follow in relation to social relations, in particular with women, with whom all contact must be avoided. Also, fixing a Qatari is “considered rude and inappropriate”, as well as using his left hand to eat for example (reserved for personal hygiene). As for clothing, clothing must cover the shoulders and knees. For women, the dress rule is also to wear long pants or long skirts, as well as blouses that cover the neck and chest. The use of a veil is not compulsory, except in a mosque, but it is appreciated to wear one for “integrate and respect the local culture and avoid unwanted attention”. Finally, regarding the consumption of alcohol, Qatar had authorized its sale at the beginning of the month, under certain conditions. Well, the beer will only be available between 6:30 pm and 1 am in the fan zones. The document adds that drunkenness is strictly prohibited. Just as it is prohibited to enter the territory alcohol, drugs, products derived from pork but also any element related to pornography.

Sadio Mané comes out of the silence

A sensational debut for sadio mane in the Bayern Munich shirt with 4 goals in 5 Bundesliga games in August, then the first breath. It is not known that he is the most virulent, but the German press fell on the Senegalese after his misstep of 5 games in all competitions without scoring. He to the point of questioning his status as starter and looking for a possible replacement. In particular, the name of Harry Kane had been mentioned. But the interested party, who evolves to an unusual position of number 9, is not surprised. New club, new championship, new culture and new language, so Sadio Mané needs time to adapt to his new environment, as he confided in the UEFA website.

Robert Lewandowski is flourishing in Spain

Top scorer in La Liga with 9 goals in 7 league games, Robert Lewandowski adapted at breakneck speed. In Catalonia everyone is unanimous: the Polish top scorer is the player who will allow Barça to return to the top. In an interview granted to the country for the media sports channel, the 34-year-old striker returned to his arrival in Catalonia explaining in particular that he failed Real Madrid. The Pole also said he was surprised by the preseason at Barça. Surely due to the fact that the one carried out with Bayern Munich was cut short with the rumors of departures. One thing seems certain, Robert Lewandowski feels fully fulfilled in his new surroundings.

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