Restyled Renault Capture 2. The urban SUV will change face in 2023

The Peugeot 2008 and the Renault Captur share two unsuspected common points. The first is that both will be redesigned in 2023. The second is called Gilles Vidal. Peugeot’s former style boss is behind the design of Peugeot’s SUV. In 2020, his arrival at the head of the Renault design center was the signing of the summer. Since then, it has addressed the evolution of the Diamond model brand and the first results will be visible in 2023. In addition to the restyled Clio in the spring, the boss worked on the Captur whose phase 2 will be presented in the fall.

Why such a change?

If restylings usually remain discreet, that of the Captur will be more substantial. Not that the SUV needs a big facelift, but its style will be combined with that of the DJB project (a large Captur of about 4.40 m) scheduled for the summer of 2024. Thus, the new design (marked by the Scénic Vision concept) will be common to both vehicles, as will the CMF/B platform. At least from the front because, otherwise, the Captur of the families will present a different design on the sides and the rear. This will allow the phase 2 Captur to stand out from its new cousin, the Mitsubishi ASX 2, by continuing the C-shaped front light signature.

The new touch “Vidal”

At the rear, the changes will be minor. They will touch the luminous signature and the design of the shield.

The famous sticks that characterize the Renault will disappear. Like the Opel Mokka or the Peugeot 2008, the French SUV will adopt a more massive and vertical bow characterized by a higher hood and new headlights. At the rear, the changes will be minor (revised light signature, retouched shield, etc.) as well as in the interior. Larger screens (counters and central shelf) should be generalized to more finishes. Note that Renault has already made changes to the cabin as models produced from January 2023 will no longer have foam but hard plastic on top of the front door panels. This restyling will also be an opportunity to launch the Esprit Alpine finish at the top of the range.

Renewed range or almost

redesigned renault CAPtur 2023 engine
The new 1.2 TCe engine, inaugurated by Austral, will not go under the hood of the Captur.

The new Mitsubishi ASX has announced the color regarding the range of engines. The recent three-cylinder 1.2 (HR12) will not point to the nose and seems reserved for new C-segment vehicles (Austral, Espace, etc.) due to its cost at the beginning of industrialization. Especially since the 1.0 TCe (90 and 100 CV LPG) will continue its journey until the entry into force of the Euro 7 standard (2026). The doubt remains the 1.3 TCe mild-hybrid 12V (HR13) that will disappear in the redesigned Clio, leaving the field open to the 1.6 E-Tech with 145 hp and a 1.0 TCe with 115 hp. And because of Renault management recently approved, loud and clear, the order to reduce the diversity of the ranges. Thus, the 1.3 TCe of 140 and 160 hp could also be shooting at the Captur. Subject to follow.

Evolutions in E-Tech hybrids

With the need to reduce CO2 emissions year after year, the 1.6 E-Tech will be more than ever the strong link in the range. The 145 hp Full Hybrid version will accommodate a slightly more powerful battery (1.3 kWh compared to the current 1.2 kWh). That of the 160 hp 1.6 Plug-in Hybrid version will go from 9.8 kWh to 10.5 kWh but without affecting the autonomy in 100% electric.

And the future?

Thanks to this deep restyling, the Captur will be able to play with extensions and, according to our information, will not disappear before 2030 despite the launch in 2025 of the R4, a shorter and 100% electric urban SUV. Like the future Clio 6 in 2026, it should receive the 1.2 TCe mild-hybrid 48V and the unprecedented 1.8 E-Tech hybrid at this time. Because in the opposite field, Peugeot will launch in 2026 the third generation of 2008 (P34) that will be only 100% electric.

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