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The Dance of the Dragons is closer than ever after the eighth episode of house of the dragon which marked a major break in the narrative.

Warning: spoilers!

Again a great atmosphere in the Alicent family


Between Alicent and Rhaenyra who continue to hate each other, the questioning of the legitimacy of Laenor’s children, succession disputes or consanguineous marriages that serve as a political strategy, episode 8 of house of the dragon It seemed a priori to want to continue the long establishment of events that will inevitably lead to civil war between Greens and Blacks. The other way, this episode is the one that closed the exposure of the seriesthat he had to take the time to place his pieces on the board and make his first moves, and thus he opened the hostilities, the real ones.

In the first episode of house of the dragonKing Viserys told his daughter of Aegon the Conqueror’s prophecy, which referred directly to the events of game of Thrones. We could then find ourselves with this expendable mention, only designed so that the public can cling to the main work. This prophecy then no longer found a place in the narrative and did not even seem to concern or interest Rhaenyra (or the writers). So you just had to be patient, since this prophecy recited on Viserys’s deathbed actually rings true. the beginning of the Dance of the Dragons.

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By telling his wife with a haggard look that the future of Humanity rests with Prince Aegon, the sovereign has certainly understood that the chosen one in question was his own son, where in reality he is John Snow aka Aegon Targaryen (not to be confused with Rhaenyra’s). son). Although Alicent seemed more willing to compromise and forgive, the fact that she leaves Viserys to die alone is enough to understand her intentions, even if his offspring are disgusting.

The king, powerless as he was, still had authority and was the only one who could maintain a semblance of peace among the various scions of his family, his survival being the last thing that united his second wife and daughter. Therefore, his death should logically change everything.and for worse (at least for the characters).

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Episode 8 allowed some characters to gain depth, in particular Rhaenys Targaryen, who had been relegated to the background by the men who shared her life, although all the emotional themes were carried by Viserys. Presented first as a cowardly king, with little inclination towards violence or conquest, Viserys has been fading in the public eye for several episodes, so much so that it was surprising to find him alive once again.

Between the loss of his wife, the estrangement from his brother, relationship difficulties with his daughter, and the symbolic fall of his crown, Viserys has more presented and characterized as a man than as a king – which is accentuated by putting on and taking off the mask – and has embodied a pathetic figure increasingly tragic and respectable.

House of the Dragon: PhotosThis cavernous room whose light gives it a ghostly appearance

Seeing him in such a sorry state, you could even say he looks like a zombie, and wondering if he’ll survive the next scene is the most heartbreaking thing we’ve seen in the series. In a final effort that brings unexpected tension to the story, the king finds his family and discovers that the disputes have calmed down, the unexpected apologies have been made, and the succession is assured.

At this moment, even if it is in tatters, we only see an old man who has returned to focus on essentials and dedicates the last moments of his life to declare his love. While cynicism, mistrust, violence, and conspiracy remain central themes of the series (and its biggest), an almost simple and human moment was needed before the carnage of dragons that awaits the public.

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