robbed Paul, role of Florentin… What Rafaela Pimenta revealed to the investigators

This Friday, the JDD reveals the content of the hearing of Rafaela Pimenta, Paul Pogba’s lawyer, in the framework of the case that has shaken French football since this summer.

Quoted by Mathias Pogba from the first video of Paul’s older brother, she is at the center of the notorious media-judicial affair surrounding the 2018 world champion. Rafaela Pimenta, lawyer for the Juventus Turin midfielder and Mino Raiola’s right-hand man to death. of the former super agent, he was auditioned this summer by the police after having filed a complaint for acts of “conditional threat”.

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In front of the investigators, on August 16, the representative of the 2018 world champion relates in particular the episode of March 19. when the Juve player was assaulted by armed individuals in the Paris region on the sidelines of a Blues meeting.

“It’s been about a month since Paul told me the story, she starts at this hearing, the content of which is revealed by the JDD this Friday. He told me that about four months ago he was robbed in Paris. He felt like in court because he was blamed for many things, he continues. They told him that they had proof that Paul was doing dark magic. (…) Paul does not hide it, he made donations to a wise man, for prayers and to send food to Africa, ”he says in particular.

The lawyer also tells how she came to the aid of the Pogba family after Roushdane K., Mathias and two others visited Paul Pogba’s mother on July 31 in the Paris suburbs. “I lendemain, I found a hotel for Paul’s mother so that she is safe”, details her, specifying that she also booked a hotel for Mathias, who disait “need to feel in safety”.

Florentin Pogba summoned at the lawyer’s hearing

During her hearing, Rafaela Pimenta also explains the pressure on Paul Pogba, citing Florentin Pogba, Mathias’s twin, for the first time. “Today (August 16) Paul told me that Mathias and Florentin had approached one of his close friends, a nicknamed Doudou. They told him their side of the story, telling Doudou that if Paul did not pay, he [Paul] I was going to take a bullet.”

As a reminder, Mathias Pogba and four other suspects have been prosecuted for “extortion with a weapon, kidnapping in an organized gang and criminal association”. They were all arrested.

Although Mathias Pogba had made a request for release through his lawyer, this was rejected by the investigating judges. In question, according to the parisian: The videos posted on September 23 in which the older brother of the 2018 world champion continued his accusations against his brother.

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