Romina Pourmokhtari, the young activist accused of having sold her soul to become Sweden’s climate minister


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A keen observer of Swedish politics should have seen the signs. These few words – againstdefeat the racists, the social democrats and the patriarchy” – Suddenly removed from Romina Pourmokhtari’s Twitter profile.

And this platform where his name was conspicuous by its absence. Signed by the leadership of the Liberal Youth Federation (LUF), of which Romina Pourmokhtari is, however, the president, this text was published in the daily Voiced, on September 14, after the presentation of the coalition agreement between the three right-wing parties (Conservatives, Christian Democrats and Liberals) and the Sweden Democrats (extreme right, SD).

He asked to vote against the appointment as Prime Minister of the conservative Ulf Kristersson, architect of the unprecedented rapprochement between the traditional right and the nationalist camp in the legislative elections of September 11. A stroke of the sword: on October 17, the latter was elected head of government with the votes of all the deputies of the majority of him, including the sixteen liberals. Including the voice of Romina Pourmokhtari.

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However, in May 2020, the young woman tweeted: “Ulf Kristersson without SD, absolutely. Ulf Kristersson with SD – no thanks. » So how to explain this 180 degree turn? The answer came on October 18, with the presentation of the new government. To everyone’s surprise, Romina Pourmokhtari was appointed Minister for Climate and the Environment, making her, at the age of 26, the youngest minister in Swedish history.

As soon as his name was pronounced, the controversy broke out: both the head of government and Johan Pehrson, who had become Minister of Labor Market and Integration, are accused of having bought his silence.

White shirt with a high collar under a black suit, her brown curls gathered in a bun, Romina Pourmokhtari hammers, in front of the cameras: “My ideological convictions remain the same. » So why did he agree to sit in the first Swedish government formed with the support of the far right? The young minister makes contact and replies that she could not turn down the opportunity to “working for the environment and the climate”.

change of strategy

But Romina Pourmokhtari is mainly involved in school issues and has no experience in the field of environment or climate. And her room for maneuver promises to be limited, warn environmental activists and climate scientists. Because, for the first time since 1987, the Ministry of the Environment loses its independence and comes under the tutelage of the Ministry of Energy and Industry, headed by the very populist leader of the
The Christian Democrat Ebba Busch, number two in the government, who has never made the climate a priority.

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